Saturday, December 30, 2006


Annie and I sang karaoke from 6pm to 10pm.. after many months of 'rest'.

Sang our hearts out sia.. invited quite a few friends/ colleagues along.. but all no give face. Either go another colleague's open-house, sick if not overtime. Thus only left the 2 of us.

Sang 曹格's Superwoman, Jay Chou's 七里香 and 千里之外, many many more.. practised with annie some duets (since we seldom got guys who know how to sing) 窗外 and 你最珍贵 (now we are expert in this song, I can sing Jacky Cheung version pretty well. LOL). I also tried singing 恋爱达人 on my own.

No idea how many songs we sang.. serious.. I only know.. now.. my throat is.. rather dry... HA HA HA..

Waiting for another round of karaoke.. Now i'm a member of both Party World and K-Box.

Anyone wanna go karaoke???

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