Friday, December 15, 2006

Appraisal is finally over...


It's over!!!!!!

It's finally over!!!!!

Then again... over liao , so wat?
Ha ha ha..

I've been working until pretty late everyday.. going back around after 8pm+.. there's this Friday (just last week), I left office at 11.50PM along with Annie.. She was rushing through the appraisals which she had to correct many of my colleagues' English.. For me, I was trying to finish as much work as possible.

The most amazing thing that we did was to come back to work the next day.. at around 8-9am. It's a Saturday.. came back to do housekeeping since GM wants to check our workstations.. (-.-|||)

Since there's plans to renovate our area, I might as well tidy my workstation and remove quite a fair bits ofn personal things, so that I don't have much problem later on.

Now my table looks pretty neat.. that will probably last me for another 1-2 weeks before it turns messy again. Haiz..

Anyway.. I'm really happy for the past 1 week, cos' I'm pretty pleased with my appraisal, the comments and new tasks assigned to me. I'm glad that I did a fairly good job this year as an ESC .. I will definitely continue to work hard for the upcoming year..

Went back to OMB on Wednesday for a small group discussion on our current online database. I was quite early, so went to disturb a couple of my WDA colleagues. I was really surprised that my WDA colleagues already knew the change, and began asking me about wat's going to happen next. I can't say much cos' nothing has been finalised yet..

After attending the discussion, I was going off to wait for my bf @ the MRT Station. JS happened to finish her Case Sharing Conference at the same timing, so we went to TCC for a quick snacks and some drinks since bf will be working a slight late.

After ordering the drinks and snacks, bf called me and said that he's on his way to meet me. Told him that I'm at TCC with JS and asked him to just come over to meet me.
We chit-chat for a while, before we decided to leave. Treat JS to this meal since I suggested coming.

BF and I went to Marina Sq for dinner @ Billy Bombers. I like the service there. The restaurant manager is really friendly! The food was good too. Most importantly, it's relatively affordable. Was supposed to shop around for x'mas presents but couldn't seem to find anything suitable and affordable. In the end, bf suggested going shopping during one of the weekends, where we wake up early and go shopping for the entire day, as many places as I want. Can really shop till I drop lor.. which's wat happened the other time.. Ha ha ha..

Anyway.. I promised my cousin that I will go and be her photographer on Saturday for her cosplay event @ Expo. Hopefully I can get everything done by 2pm to meet bf after his work since Sunday is mostly likely to visit his granny with his parents. I doubt I like being interrupted in the middle of my shopping spree to go somewhere else.

And the idea of going shopping with his parents... simply No no..

Previously, his parents tagged along when my bf told them we are going shopping. We ended up buying nothing (especially me when I actually wanted to buy clothings on that day) cos' his mum kept asking me to help her see if the clothes are suitable for her and we went into every single shop in the shopping center. In the end, his mum bought the most things.. and my bf didn't want to enter the shops with me cos' he was already irritated by his mum's naggings till he got frustrated.

Since then, I told my bf... "if next time I wanna go shopping, and your parents tag along, I will just change my mind on shopping and just tag behind your mum instead." I know it might sound pretty disrespectful, but really.. his mum can really talk and talk non-stop till the extent that you felt like stuffing your ears with wax.

I hope this weekend... I can shop in peace.. LOL

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