Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Money.. Money.. Money..

Bf was discussing with me for the past week if we should change our car next year..

- Old...
- High maintainence costs..
- Low fuel consumption = low petrol costs
- Comfy..

So... we were thinking... Should we.. or should we not?

Then.. think again.. where to get $$$ for the initial payment ar? Bf said once he's confirmed after 6 months, which is next March, he will be entitled to all the benefits and allowances etc, so more or less he will have extra money. If possible, hopefully the new car's instalment is not more than our current one, then we can save more money for rainy days..

Dream car: Mazda RX-8 or Toyota Fortuner
Practical car: Toyota Vios

Dunno what happened to me last week.. I was grumbling to my bf about us not earning a lot and thus I was wondering when we can get married. My guess was that, when I remembered how his buddy and wife are coping with marriage, I got frightened.. The wife is earning big bucks, however the buddy not working (working on his own company software, yet nothing is sold yet). Till now, they have been married for around 3-4 years liao but NO wedding dinners yet. And the wife's family are the traditional type leh.. so must have wedding dinner.

Then to add on to my grumpiness... I felt that he was not supporting me in my job; he kept on saying negative things. So I pissed off lor.. When I reached home, I din bother to give him a good-night kiss (if that happens, he knows that I'm angry with him)

Then later I smsed him and just pour out how I felt. He apologised and said that he felt so heartache everytime he sees me working until so late and that I had to pay for the car instalments during the period he was unemployed (all thanks to his good-for-nothing brother who promised to help him but in the end did not even give a single cent to help). Bf then said that he had already planned, and that he will propose next December but now he let the secret out liao.. so he has to re-plan, meaning... postponed to later date. (-.-|||)

I was like.. grinning from ear-to-ear in my heart.. WAHAHAHAHA..

I think.. when you grow older.. as age catches up.. you just wanna get hitched faster.. :P


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