Thursday, September 07, 2006


Just 1 bowl of durian ice-kacang...

Fly you to heavens..

SHIOK ar~!

Wanna know where to eat such nice.. nice.. durian ice-kacang, durian chendol, durian bubur-chacha?

Chong Pang Market.. 食就发..

Stall.. is... owned.. by.. my.. 3rd Aunt :)

Durian puree... all ingredients hand-made.. 20 over years of experience.. Generous servings.. cheap price..
Open at 2pm, sold out by 8-9pm.. Closed on Wednesdays.. Expect queues at times..

It's fattening.. but... just 1 bite.. melts your heart.. melts your stress/ pressure/ problems away..

I lurve durians~ *drOOls*

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