Friday, November 03, 2006

Bad things just keep happening..

First.. my mum and my bro's personal belongings and valuables were stolen right underneath their nose during my bro's birthday chalet at East Coast Park.


Last Wednesday, I received the most shocking news I heard (after the burglary)...
My dad was admitted to hospital for heart attack..

I probably could have laff at myself for having such a weird reaction when I heard it from my mum. I even called my dad (he was in an ambulance at that time) to CONFIRM it's true..
He told me that his chest felt extremely tight and uncomfortable.. but NOT PAIN..

I took urgent half day leave to fly down to the hospital. My mind was... blank..
Heart ATTACK.. my DAD???

When I reached the A&E, the doc came to tell us that my dad had an heart attack and they were operating on him. I was like.. "WHAT?!! REALLY HEART ATTACK?"

An hour later (yes.. it's that fast apparently, cos it's just ballooning).. my dad was 'wheeled' into his ward at the high dependency ward for cardiac patients. He was awake and can talk somemore..

So the nurse told us that my dad was very lucky to have been admitted into the hospital early otherwise..

So I was at the hospital until Sunday where my dad was discharged. He's now on 1 month MC to recover. And also.. newly diagnose with diabetes.. haiz..

So we have to make a big change to our diet.. and my dad promised to quit smoking.

I'm glad that he's okay now, much to my relief.. I have a huge load off my mind..

I hope that nothing bad will come scaring me again.. :(

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