Thursday, August 31, 2006

Shirley Temple..

For the 1st time... I drank SHIRLEY TEMPLE in a PUB!!!

Pub are meant for drinking ALCOHOL!!! ARgHH!!!

It's okay.. I shall not drink.. for the time being.. :P

Bf's cousin, Pearlyn had asked my bf to go and meet her friend, to see if he can help my bf get into his ex-company. The company, a well-known cabling company, dealing in network cables.

Bf got no prior experience.. except that.. he had worked as a telephone cable technician before many years ago, just helping out his cousin/ friends. Related to that, he studied interior design.. so things like reading the floor plan, probably won't be too difficult.
Anyway, this company don't recruit through newspaper advertisements etc.. BUT.. with recommendations/ referrals from own staff.

So.. they chatted.. while we ladies.. nothing to do.. ordered food and munch our way through. There's no handsome english guys anyway. (By the way, we went to The Yard- English Pub)

They chatted and chatted.. I looked at bf with my sleepy small eyes.. stared at the TV showing soccer.. and looked dazed.. wondering when I can buried myself in my heaps of pillows at home.. Anyway.. bf probably dunno how to stop the friend.. HENG.. Pearlyn also tired.. ended both of their conversations.. and we went home.. Zzzz

Maybe next time.. when got the $$$$ and the mood.. can go back to drink and be merry..

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