Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another long time never update..

SJ was telling me yesterday that I haven't been blogging.. for very very long..

Ya.. I know..

Everytime wanted to blog, but by the time I got home... I'm dead tired.. and lazy to carry out my laptop and log in.

Just too lazy..

I've been working till very late.. (perhaps not very late for some).. 8pm+ for almost a couple of weeks liao. I have no idea how come all of a sudden, there's a sudden increase of work.

Or was it.. I'm not inefficient enough? I wonder..

Whichever it is.. my workdesk is messy.. totally covered with papers, files, and dunno-what's-there. Annie's and Belinda's table.. is no difference.. all 3 of our tables cannot see table top 1. Ha ha..

Anyway, I haven't been going into MSN often. Somehow, I felt that by logging on, it will slow down my productivity to get things done, cos I get friends msning me. Ha ha ha.. so might as well dun log on. :P
Perhaps becos of that, I didn't get updates from my friends on their recent happenings.

I can foresee myself drowning in work.. it's already happening..

Lucky.. my bf has already started his new work as a Project Engineer and has also been working overtime since started. So nowadays, we only meet each other during the weekends, or when he's off early from his work during weekdays.

My buddy just informed me last week that her dad was admitted into hospital due to stroke. It's the 3rd time already. I've known her since our poly days and despite being of different ethnics, she's a great pal to me. We've been through thick (gaining weight) and thin (losing minimum amount of weight) together. Ha ha ha..
So Monday, I bought some fruits and went down to SGH to visit her dad. I can also go back with bf since he happened to be working there. After visiting, I met up with bf. He told me that he's going to his colleague's funeral.

His colleague who came in at the same time with him in the new company was involved in an accident while travelling from 1 site to another site. His motorbike was hit by a car who was turning right (he was travelling straight). The poor guy flew almost a few metres away, landed on top of his head. Despite wearing a helmet, he suffered serious head injuries. Went into coma, inflammation of the brain.. and he was announced brain dead on Wednesday.

The guy.. is only 33 years old and is planning to register next year with his gf.

Life.. is so unpredictable..

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