Monday, August 28, 2006


I went back to Ulu Pandan Service Centre to do my Saturday duty..

Boring.. so.. GOD had to send an uncle to 'make' my day..

He can only speak Malay and Tamil.. and kept talking to me in Malay, expecting me to have a translator installed in my ear. I kept telling him, I can't understand what he's trying to say.

However, I think I can roughly make out what he's trying to say.. anyway.. I just gave up and called up Woodlands HQ for help.
Luckily Letchmy is around, so she translated for me over the phone to the uncle.

Around 10.30am, Maria came..
As usual.. when you put us together, we will sit and bitch about things.
Saturday's topic (as usual).. is commenting on our colleagues' fashion sense.

The guys.. please... stop wearing tight pants if you got no nicely-shaped or firm butts!
Ugly leh.. shapeless.. flabby butts..

Tight pants do not emphasize your tiny dick size into something big.. Unless you are willing to spend $$ to buy padded briefs to wear everyday.

Ladies.. ok.. take note.. baggy pants(in male cutting) do not go well with ladies sandals.. You are supposed to be more ladylike when you wear these sandals.. Straight cut pants is not suitable for everyone.. Slim ladies with long legs look best in straight cut.. ladies with big hips (like me) can try wearing low-cut or hipster pants with a slight bootcut. ALWAYS check yourself in the mirror when you try on your pants.. Check out if your butt look okay.. is it too tight or too baggy? Overall looks is pleasing to the eyes?

Anyway.. after much commenting and bitching (we are the bitchy club what).. we had a conclusion..

Talk so much like as if we are perfect.. WAHAAHHAHAHA..

Ok.. we are not perfect.. we are only trying to make our office a better place to work in..

While waiting for Maria to finish her stuffs, I was msning SJ.. at the same time, I was chatting with ah Ray on msn as well.. SJ suddenly mentioned something about being alone without a guy, I just msned ah Ray to chat with SJ. So.. I just opened up a another conversation for the 3 of us.
Intro the 2 fellas.. let them chat and I disappeared..

Ok.. disappeared becos' Maria finished her work liao..

Afterwhich, we popped down to Jurong Point.. Walked around the place. and settled down at Coffee Bean.
Same old topics.. but always so entertaining..

Bf picked me up at around 5+pm. Bought him a HDIB.. which he wanted.. and claimed that he wanted a Hot Dog Ikan Bilis instead of Honey Dew Ice Blended. (-.-|||)

His cousin msged him if he wanted to meet up for a chat later with Star. So.. we agreed.. and met each other at 9pm.

Bought drinks and tit-bits, drove up to Kent Ridge Park and chit-chat till 12.30am.. before I started to look dazed.. Too tired liao.. somemore the next day gotta go brisk-walk @ West Coast Park.
The rest also wanted to leave.. the group of Malay hippies were smoking away.. and their ciggies smelled so horrible!! It's as if they had mixed tobacco with something else.. Spoiled the atmosphere..
Bf's cousin wanted to go Mustafa to stock up on some stuffs, so bf sent me home first before he accompanied them there.
Tucked me into bed before he left..
5 more hours before I wake up again.. Damned..

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