Sunday, September 24, 2006

I gave away my first time..

Being an EMCEE lar.. wah piang eh.. what you guys thinking?

Emcee.. for our CDC's JOB FAIR!!!

My first time.. I've never done before.. and I'm telling you, I was SHIVERING at the START!
If there's any one standing beside me at that point in time, he/ she can see my mike was shaking.. I'm not sure if my voice trembled.. I was BERI NERVOUS AR!

Anyway.. I stood on my feet almost the whole day.. Got chair to sit lar, behind the stage, but hor.. not nice lar.. just sit there waiting to make announcements.. So at 1 point, I went around, hoping to 'interview' the jobseekers and employers.. ha ha ha ha..

Seriously, it was really fun. The whole of our Jobs team was activated, as well as SA. Reason why we asked SA? Cos' under WS, they also do job matching mah.. so, Job fair must include them in. I know some of the SA peeps not very happy about it.

C'mon.. it's a CDC event so as to say.. We at Jobs side organised everything.. It's not easy to get employers and vacancies.. Especially to accept older workers.. so all we need is a little help from everyone. We just can't ask volunteers only to help.. There are certain things which volunteers can't explain to jobseekers. Wrong info may be given, and in the end, we get bombarded for wrong info. Jobs only have around 15 to 16 officers. We are not activating our CSEs, they are already working very hard in helping us with the admin and other miscellaneous stuffs. We should let them enjoy their weekends.

So.. each of us are assigned to do something so as not to overwork anyone. Only 1 day.. just that 1 day.. we only hope both teams can work together as a whole. That's all we wanted.. Noone realises the aftermath of the job fair.. data entry, following-up with employers, getting results.. and ultimately, revealing the results to the management. If anything goes wrong, or not done well, we get the scolding. So.. if everyone work together, the success is shared by everyone.

1 day before the job fair, we went down to the CC to do the last preparations. I was practising my emcee script. I went to help around as well.. Still thinking that I'm still 'young', I just came down from the stage at the front, not by the stairs. Then I heard 'CrAACCcK'. I think... I hurt my ankle.. BUT no pain as yet..


Having standing for so long yesterday.. my ankle starts to hurt slowly. Someone.. very cleverly, assumed that my knees hurt, cos... FAT PEOPLE ALWAYS GET PAINFUL KNEES AFTER STANDING!


If you are not one of the employers (who happened to be having the least number of vacancies), I would be making sure whatever words that come out from my mouth will be imprinted into your sicken mind forever. Thank goodness, my control on my temper has been pretty good..

At least, another one of my employers is very kind to understand that we are tired from running around, standing etc for the entire day.. offered us FREE THAI MASSAGE on our shoulders, neck and legs..

AUTHENTIC THAI MASSAGE!!!! Immediate relief from my aching muscles.. even my old stiff shoulder and neck..

After the entire job fair end.. My ankle by then is already hurting very badly. I was limping by the time I got home.. My bf wondered if I sprained my ankle. I dunno whether to say.. Yes or No..

Today.. it was just as bad..

I woke up at 5.45am to get ready for my pte estate walk. Jay smsed me the previous night, reminding me to go. Bf asked me to put on his ankle guard just in case, even though I'm just doing road marshalling.

The walk ended around 8.45 or so.. Bf fetched me, and we went to Bukit Gombak to eat our breakfast. The coffeeshop where my parents used to have a stall there. We used to sell nonya laksa (which my mum learned from my aunt, who's a nonya) and Lor mee. Business was good, my brother and I had to help them during weekends. I've always felt that noone can ever beat my mum's laksa and lor mee. They are like what your mum will cook at home. That home-made taste.. and the delicious sambal chilli. You can never believe how people can actually eat hot spicy laksa early in the morning..

Somehow, due to some reasons, my parents decided to wind up the business.

I missed those days..

Ah well.. My only wish now.. is that my ankle can stop hurting so badly..


I hope that one day both SA and Job teams can be working together hand-in-hand, where colleagues are friends who will go out together, have fun, go karoke, makan..

Bf will be away on reservist for 2 weeks , starting tomorrow.. :(
He hugged me to sleep last night, since my ankle was hurting and I can't really sleep well. Also since he might or might not be able to come home during the weekend.

Really happy when I know that he was offered an employment with one of Singapore's largest company in cabling. I was laffing as much, when they are offering him a position as Project Engineer when he knows little about laying network cabling. Good thing is that training is provided and he can actually learn on the job. 1st 3 months he has to get down and dirty by learning how to lay network cables, next 3 months will be in office, doing more of paperwork. After this 6 months, he will be out on his own, managing small projects for a start.

Salary-wise.. not really fantastic.. BUT they offer hp subsidies, carpark claims etc.. and transport allowances when he starts managing projects. No ot pay, but good bonuses.
However, bf told me that in this job, he will be doing a lot of ot, overnights, or even go overseas so asked me to be prepared. I remembered what his cousin's friend told us when he first intro the company's profile to my bf the other time.

I was more or less, prepared. I will be probably spending my time at work also. I was very much motivated when my boss told me that I've got potential to excel in this job, and asked me to continue working hard. I hope I will not disappoint her.

Somehow or rather.. I was worrying about something.. Something which I never think of.. Bf going overseas.. for a couple of weeks to months?

Hmm.. Missing him is 1 thing.. will he.. find another girl there? I

know I can rely on his faithfulness.. he has never failed me before, never flirt with other girls and such.. except being too friendly. Ha ha ha..

I've know someone, a married man, loves his wife and kids, had a good career, earning big bucks, a good family man, I must say. However, he was having an affair.. I'm not sure if he visit prostitutes when he's overseas working.. Wife doesn't know.. It's a blessing that she doesn't..

From my mouth, I've always say to my bf that if he ever do anything unfaithful, he better don't let me know.. cos..
I will either, break down, and never recover from knowing the heart-broken truth (turn lesbian maybe?)
commit suicide.

But... in my mind, he better don't do anything of such.

I may live to be a strong girl on the outside, but deep down, I'm just as fragile. I already cried for 1 whole night a couple of years ago, when my bf was showing too much concern over my ex-colleague (back when I was working part-time, the poor girl came alone to Singapore and was studying and working). Bf was of cos, quite surprised over my sudden jealousy, especially when he knew that I wasn't the type who get jealous easily. I told him, I didn't want to show it, I didn't want to let him know. But... sorry lar.. jealousy overflowed.
I surprised myself as well. Ha ha. :P

Anyway, bf assured me that, his heart and mind is big enough to fit a pig(and that's me of cos).

Awww.. where to find such piggy love? WAHAHAHAHAA~

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