Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006.. ending.. 2007... coming...

Last Friday.. we had our NWCDC staff retreat at Sentosa's Siloso beach Resort. Think it's just been built, so quite a few parts were still under construction. BUT.. the place is beautiful.. the view that's over-looking.. the sea.. the trees.. So relaxing..

Me and Annie arrived there super early, cos' hers is a weekend car. So we had our 'free' breakfast at the rooftop. why 'free'? Cos'... the breakfast is catered for the hotel residents. The staff tot that we were the hotel residents so din bother about us. Ha ha ha..

Anyway.. I was sabo-ed to be emcee again. (-.-)

Morning session's usually work.. but it was fun.. cos' the presentations by all the teams were damned hilarious!! laff our heads off lor..

Then.. afternoon we have our games.. Went for ride at the er... cable-bench? or was that sky-ride? Whatever lar.. Then visited images of Singapore... which...
our GM... had a 'lovely' surprise inside.. Ha ha ha.. There were some actors posing as figurines inside the musuem. Our GM tot that they are just wax figurines (anyway.. the place was really dim) and put his arm on one of the 'china-man' arm. To his surprise, it was soft and warm to the touch. Within milli-seconds, the figurine suddenly became ALIVE and scared the hell out of our poor GM. That scene was absolutely funny!!

Travelling with our GM is actually fun.. cos he likes to crack jokes and soemtimes do a bit of action to make everyone laff. Very fatherly figure. He even participated in our Captain Ball competition and very very sporting lor.. even our DGM as well.

This captain ball definately made me run more than what I ran in the past YEARS! After the game, we had another mind-boggling mental game. Supposed to use any mathematical ways to give the answer to 10 with the given 4 numbers. i.e.: 1, 2, 3, 4 = 10. Solution: 1+2+3+4= 10 or 1 x (2+3) + 4 =10 etc. This game actually came up by our GM leh.. we only knew it when we were resting in one of the hotel rooms and our GM came in to relax. Gave us some other sums to play around.. then we realised why he so good in these.. he majored in physics last time.. No wonder lor..

After washing up, we had our buffet dinner and gift exchange. Guess who bought my present? Our MAYOR!!! I was so.. so.. surprised! When asked whom he had bought the present for (via drawing of lots a month ago), he said it's for a young fun-loving lady, then said out my name.. Damned pai-seh sia.. Anyway.. our mayor bought me a sporty waist pouch and a boxing-glove cushion on a stick (somewhat like those massager.. and it happens that my mum had asked me to buy since hers was spoiled).

Nice memories of 2006..

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