Thursday, August 24, 2006

WaT tHe F**K~!

How sad ...

By helping someone.. you can kenna axed on the back for ass-licking, curry-favouring etc etc

This is how shallow some idiots can be...
I'm talking about certain idiots who are jealous of someone's success and start attacking all those who are around her.

We came into office on the same day.. We sat together.. We became fast friends .. We are good working colleagues/ partners..
So.. being good friends and colleagues, helping one another is wrong one, izzit?

So if she got promoted (based on her good performance and her own efforts), people cannot help her har? Get promotion means must ignore her?

What fucking crap..!

I'm helping her.. becos' I can see that she's getting squashed by the huge pile of work and responsibilities, and obviously.. she needs help.
If i can help, in some way or another, I will help.. even if it's for other colleagues..

Wouldn't you help.. if.. your own friend, getting sick, stayed back at work to finish piles of reports?

So.. I help her.. means I'm curry-favouring her? Want to get into her good looks? Then wat? I can get promoted also ar?

Does it mean that if the one sitting beside me is a guy, and I helped him.. means I'm interested in him? Might as well say I also provide undertable service so that I can get promoted.. FUCKING IDIOTS!

Never mind.. it doesn't matter..

I'm a nice evil person..
These idiots.. are just.. having nothing to do.. too bored with their lives.. thus.. need someone to entertain them.. So.. I shall sacrifice my good name.. to let them enjoy for this one moment..

I've nothing against my conscience..

One day.. just see.. ONE FUCKING DAY..
The world will turn against them..
When they need help.. noone will help them...
When they cry for help, noone will hear them...
Everyone will jeer at them.. Laffing at them.. for getting themselves into such SHIT.

I.. will be sitting there.. sipping my tea, and pity them..

Bf says.. if they spread rumours about me.. it means.. I'm someone they can talk about..
HEY.. look on the bright side..

Ok.. I shall stop complaining..
and start.. cursing..




Shu Juan said...

Yes... very true! The more people want to talk behind your back, the more they want to talk about you... shows that the more IMPORTANT you are to them! They are wary of you, they are scared of you, they are aware of your presence... that's why they talk... to get empathy from similar like-minded xiao ren!

So be gracious... let them talk... God will judge. For every wrong word they utter, they will burn in hell million times more...

Good luck to them...

tiramisuboy said...

its those fucking idiots around you that makes u a genius!!