Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm a multi-tasking employee

10 good reasons why I should not be sacked or fired:

1) I'm the door guardian.. cos' I'm sitting just in front of the freakin' door leading to the reception area where all crazy, normal, act-crazy clients are waiting. I can save my fellow colleagues from them if they were to ever barge in.

2) I'm the tissue provider.. anytime we go out for lunch or anywhere, no tissues.. look for Shannon..

3) Need to compile any data using Excel? Always look for Shannon to draft out the template with all the functions incorporated into it.....

4) Need to do any thing to do with MS Powerpoint? Call for Shannon..

5) Having trouble with your PC? Call Shannon again..

6) Need a cheapo makeover (that's free) and make you look like a star? Call for Shannon (and her kaki, Maria).. Guarantee a makeover! (Or in other words, we make sure your partner or noone can recognise you. *grinz*) + Free consultation to what kind of makeup to buy.. at your own expenses~ ha ha ha

7) Need a photographer, but can't afford to pay for a single cent? Get Shannon.. She takes pictures for FREE.. and gives you quality pictures according to the price you pay~! LOL

8) Need someone to do up your noticeboard? Look for Shannon.. all becos' she studied Art for 4 years and worked as a graphic designer for 2 years. *Not forgetting to mention that I was the Noticeboard committee member back during secondary school*

9) Looking for someone to come up with ideas for a placement/ KPI board? Squeeze Shannon's brains dry..

10) Wanting someone to help you to decide whether this cake/present/perfume/toiletries/ etc etc is suitable for this person? Shannon's your girl to ask!

See.... I'm a multi-tasking employee, paid with only 1 man' salary..

But.. to make myself feel good... I'm multi-talented~! Ha ha ha..

End Note: This is a lame post..

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Sam said...

got here when i clicked 'next blog' on mine.

you didnt mention what work you do for your boss... :-)