Saturday, February 25, 2006

Does anyone miss me?

I've been missing for 3 months...

Reasons for MIA:
1) My laptop was down with weird spywares and trojan horses and viruses... My bf's buddy cracked his brains while trying to clean my laptop (cos I simply refused to budge when he asked me to just format the whole hard-disk; that's of cos my last resort... :P )

2) When he finally admitted to hospital after settling the notorious Shannon's-god-damned-shitty-laptop, big shit happened to my bf.. Details to be filled in later..

3) My work gets piled up.. I've got no day/ night.. just work.. and work... and work...

4) I've got an addiction... to The Sims... again... for the i-dunno-how-many times.. This time round.. I've got almost all the expansions, except Makin' Magic. So.. no explanations needed..

5) Lazy to blog... don't even have the time to read other people's blogs..

6) Other than work, I'm enjoying my life... with my bf.. and my colleagues..

So there you go... my reasons for MIA..

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