Saturday, October 29, 2005

New passport~!

I finally decided to get my new passport..

Moon went to apply for his, around 3 weeks back. Got his passport last week, and since mine was expiring in another 2 months time, I decided to just make mine.

Now they make it so easy to apply, just fill in the details, attached a photo and pay via NETs or Credit/ Debit card. I decided not to use my debit card to pay. Think via NETS better.

Before I got the form, I was asking the counter lady if the photo that I took, roughly around 2 mths back (for PA) was alright. She asked me if that's recent, I just gave her a blur blur look, and replied saying "Yuh..". I looked at my bf, and asked him, "I looked very different ar?" Ha ha ha

Anyway, I received the letter on Wednesday(I applied on Saturday) that I can collect it. I'm gonna set out and collect at around 12.30pm.

I wonder if I get a chance to travel overseas with my new passport..

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