Monday, November 07, 2005

Pens pens pens..

I need major help!!!!

4 more days to my deadline.. I need help in choosing pens.. no.. not those pilot ballpoint cheapo pens or watever.. I mean.. BRANDED pens.. branded meaning Mont Blanc that kind..

This Mont Blanc is so god-damned expensive!!!! Though I must agree, the design is sooooooo.. classy! *drools*

In order of preference to brand:
1. Mont Blanc
2. Waterman
3. Parker
4. Sheaffer

Here's the challenge.. under budget of.. not more than $250.. no.. i'm not talking about US dollars nor British pounds.. $250 singapore dollars!
That's the highest I can spare out now..
I'm forgo-ing my digital camera to buy this pen.. I know it's quite impossible (just like my digital camera.. ) but... I'm sure it can be done (ya... right.. Arghh..)

Fountain pens are classy, beautiful, but a hassle to use (still hv to pump ink.. )
Roller pens can be messy as well, smudge inks.. yucks..

So.. meaning.. back to the good o'ballpoint pens..

Check this website out.. Asethetic Bay
So many nice pens, but since I'm a self-proclaimed pen-idiot, I don't know if other brands of pens are good.

I need suggestions, comments watever.. Please please help~ (At this point of time, I wish I own a credit card, or earning $3000 every month. Haiz~)

p/s: Meeting my good o' buddy tomolo @ Orchard to search for the impossible. Wish me luck~


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