Wednesday, October 05, 2005

NWCDC Employing!!

Anyone of you interested to work as a Customer Service Executive?

You will be working in the frontline, at the counter serving walk-in jobseekers and answer their enquiries or helping them to make appointments to meet the officers.

You must be service-oriented, able to work in a stressful environment, bilingual in English and Mandarin (ability to speak chinese dialects is an advantage), computer-literate and has a passion in social-services.

For Career Consultant, you must be knowledgable in current trends of recruitment, service-oriented, passion to help (social services), able to work in a stressful environment, positive attitude and computer literate.

If anyone's interested, please drop me a mail. :)

1 comment:

~FaTeBoY~ said...

No use...they don't want me... :<