Thursday, August 04, 2005

I resigned...

Some new happenings this week..

I tendered my resignation on Monday..Yes.. i RESIGNED..
Why? cos' I'm offered by Northeast CDC as a Career Consultant. Basically it's the same job as what I've been working as, just that this time round, the scope is of a wider range.

I'll be helping the residents, particularly those from lower-education range, to look for jobs. In Singapore, no matter wat, education is very important. Somehow it will affect your future.
Other than recruitment, I'll most likely be involved in Job Fairs, Career Fairs, etc and also organising events etc. Was informed that I have to do lotsa face-to-face interviews with the peeps.. Dont expect nice uncles and aunties everytime lor.. cos' I doubt anyone will be putting up a smiling face if they are retrenched and out of job for a long period of time. THink I better armed myself with helmets and tissues, in case they come hammering me.. or even crying in front of me, telling me their family's sad stories.. Zzz.. :P

Whatever it is, it's a challenge issued to me.. A new job.. A new beginning..

Kinda missed my ex-colleagues.. I wondered how's everyone's doing..

I still get calls from my candidates and some other people.. and of all peeps.. Mr Mantis.. He was definately shocked when I told him I no longer working in TSC. He had called me to check up on whether I've followed up on his candidates' interviews. Fu*k lor.. who the fu*k he thinks he is..

He's the next most irritating guy after Char*es left. Asked stupid questions, and wears sunglasses thinking that he's all cool, carrying his PDA around probably thinking that he's some professional or something. Disgusting lor.. He looks like a Praying Mantis when he wears his sunglasses.

Fateboy came up with an idea for me to draw a series of comics based on him.. Some good examples:
1. Lord of the Mantis - Fellowship of the Mantis
2. Lord of the Mantis - The Two Mantis
3. Lord of the Manits - Return of the Mantis

Some of which I came up with..:
1. The Mantis Revolution/ Revelation
2. The Mantis Jones's Diary
3. Mantis Potter & The Philospher's Stone

Come to think of it.. why should I give him the credit of being the male lead of my comics?
Nah.. I rather not.. make him 'famous' only.. ha ha ha

Whichever it is.. I drew some today... Of cos maybe it might not reflect correctly on how i think of some people, but hey.. they are just comics lor..

So if you guys got any comments, please please... put some comments about it.
(I still used MS Paint for the time being, being the lazy me.. ha ha ha ha)



SM said...

Hahahahah.. Mr Mantis. I tot u had a Indian client whose name is Mantis. LOL! Actually, he called up Michelle also to ask who actually followed up with his candidates and job orders. We miss u loads leh! T.T

Shannon said...

Who the heck is Mantis?
No idea who..
Dont bother with the Indian lar.. Ha ha ha..
Oh btw.. Think we might have some vacancies at North West CDC.. U guys might wanna check out their website often. ;)