Monday, November 07, 2005

Project Runway ep.2

I'm still watching this interesting reality show..

This week's theme is on 'Envy'. Using limited length of white cotton cloth, all contestants must work out an outfit that portrays Envy.

Envy to me.. 1st thing that comes to my mind.. Green, evil yet sexy look(a lot like Austin's idea- Austin's the guy). Maybe I'll use a long long long cloth, dyed green (apple green or dirty, drape around the model; covering all important 'spots' (*lol*), then stitched up some strategic points, This will hopefully make the whole dress look seamless. Of cos,the lower part will have a flowing effect..
Makeup for the model... green with gold theme.. and a sexy glossy pout, with long flowing golden brown wavy hair.

Anyway, Cara won (she's the Afro-amercian girl). She used War as her concept to Envy (envy induces war between countries. ) It was really nice.. and sexy.. The model..erm...probably will keep the guys glued to the TV.

Since the models are important, to a certain extent, how come the producers never think about corporating both America's Top Model together with Project Runway?

See...great idea eh? I can watch 2 great reality shows at the same time. Ha ha ha. ;)

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