Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fish & Co @ Park Mall

I admit.. I'm a sua-ku girl..

Long ago, I've known that Fish & Co had opened one of its branches at Park Mall..
Long ago, I've heard that the ambience is superb..
Long ago, I've stepped at the doorstep of this place to book a table (but un-booked it after)..
Long ago, I've seen the crowd waiting for a seat..


Dinner with my 4 other colleagues (or should I say.. jokers) Annie,Maria,Khairuddin (Khai for short) and Andrew.

We went for a course on our PES system (ya.. after 3 mths of using it ever since we started - other than Maria) over at WDA (it's at NTUC Centre, One Marina Boulevard). Ended our course early by 30 mins, thus we decided to have dinner.

Since Khai is a malay, we have to dine at somewhere halal. Racking our brains through, we thought of..
Seoul Garden.. 1st thought.. I'm gonna go home smelling like a walking roasted pig.

Then, Maria suggested Fish & Co at Park Mall. So.. everyone of us agreed. I was hoping that it wont be crowded. Maria said, we are too early for the crowd.

True enough, the whole place is like.. empty... Shiok leh..
We ordered a few stuffs, planning to share among everyone..

I must say, their food standard is absolutely better than some outlets. Their service is great too!! This is how service crew should be like in all restaurants! Once in a while, they will pop by and ask if food is okay, or do we need anything and our waters are filled up everytime without us asking for it!! Great right?

During this while, people came in.. and the whole place is packed!!!

The next thing we know.. the LIVE BAND came in!!!! 2 guys and 1 lady..
I've always like live bands.. especially those that they interacted with the crowd.

We decided to grab some drinks since it was still early.
Maria actually had a drink named after her.. Fishy Maria.. Ha ha ha..

Suddenly thought of dedicating songs.. and we've decided to sabo Andrew.. So we wrote a song dedication, indicating it's for Andrew, and end with a note asking for any interested gals, please go to the bar (we were sitting near there). Damned.. the girl forgotted to read Andrew's name! :(

Ah well... whichever it is, it's still fun.. Great time chatting, laffing, and joking about stupid things.. Annie wasn't a very good drinker though.. less than a few sips, I think she has turned lobster red.. ha ha ha.. in the end I had to finish her drink for her (we ordered passion fruit with vodka).

Planning for Karaoke on this coming Tuesday over at Party World, since it's just our neighbour over at our CDC (not forgetting we get 15% discount). I wonder how many people will be going.. :)

Since my bf is working almost from morning to night everyday (cos' he worked a lot of overtime, so that he can earn as much money as possible).. I had to find some ways to keep myself occupied (either work or chilling out with colleagues/ friends). Bf doesn't mind.. at least he won't feel too guilty for not spending enough time with me, unlike the last time (where we see each other everyday, more than we see our parents.. ha ha ha)
I'm easily contented if I get to see him once a week, and occassional smses or calls (or weird, funny calls) from him. I guessed we treasure our time with each other more.. Quality time together. :)

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