Friday, November 04, 2005

A gift!

I was out having dinner with my bf's parents today, over at Jurong East.

There's this coffeeshop opposite Jurong East Stadium, the food was great. For a 5 persons-meal, it only costs us around $40+.

Anyway, after dinner, we went to look for some cats' veggies. Surprised right? Cats eat greens too! They have this special grass, which are like malt grass especially for cats. It was said to help in removal of furballs. So both of our cats have finished the grass and we thought of looking for the grass at the petshop.

To our disappointment, they sold mainly doggies stuff, and dun sell the grass for cats. However, my bf's mum took a liking for a 2storey high basket. So they bought it. In fact I took a liking for that basket for quite some time already, but the price was quite steep, it's about $80. My cats probably preferred my mum's bed than the basket. Ha ha..

We walked to another pet shop (in front of Chinese Garden MRT station), and same thing, they dun sell the grass too. BUT... the lady boss was very nice, she gave us some cat food samples for FREE!! A total of 6 packets, Solid Gold brand somemore!!
As we are about to go out of the shop, my eye caught this ornament by the shelf.

It was in the shape of a cat, made from this cat's eye gem and some sparkling diamonds. (Of cos not real ones lar). I asked my bf's mum to take a look, cos I know she might like such stuff. Instead of buying it for herself, my bf's mum bought it for me. Hee hee..

This is the brooch that his mum bought and a closeup.. (sorry for the blurry pic, I dun own a digital camera lar.. only a camera phone. :P)

Nice right??

I'm gonna put it on my jacket tomolo at work. Yeah~!!!

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