Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Present Revealed!

Did I ever tell you guys that my bf can read my mind?

(Maybe my forehead is transparent and thus he can read my mind)

He even guessed what present I bought for him!!!!

Damned.. talking about surprising him.. I was totally surprised by him!
Ah well... I made him guess about the brand of the pen and after he din manage to do so (thank god), I presented to him his present (even though it's not his birthday yet).

Wanna see?
He was totally speechless! Wait till he knows about the price that I've paid (apparently, he guessed it to be around $100+). I think he was hoping that I bought a pair of lover pens instead, but er.. I sheepishly told him.. it was way out of my budget. Ha ha ha..
I let the cat out of the bag by saying that.. The clever him immediately realised that the pen was worth more than $200. Of cos, I had a little 'scolding' from him for spending so much money. But can tell that he was really touched.

Bf doesn't really wanna bring it to work, cos' he worried that he might drop and spoil it. Pen are meant to be used, so.. never mind lar (even though my heart will break in a million pieces)

I may be very stingy.. but when there's a need to spend, I can be very generous (only after I calculate that it's in my advantage.. ha ha.. kidding :P)

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Bhupendra Chauhan said...

Hi Shannon,

Read your Blog on your Boyfriend reading your mind.

Just wanted to say, when the we like someone or may be love, thats what the essence of love is. Love does not need words and the true essence of love is to know each other in the way you guys already do, to have faith even in the worst of the times and last but not the least when you feel responsible for each other.

Never meant to make a suggestion or intrude in your life. Its just that i felt i had something to share on it.

Take Care- Bhupendra Chauhan