Friday, September 23, 2005

No time to blog

Time seemed to be getting shorter and shorter..

I don't seem to have any time for myself.. Recently I've been bringing work back home. Cos
the bloody online system is so much faster when less people are using it.. I don't even need to wait for more than 1 min for the page to be refreshed.

Now that I've cleared much of my work, I've also reduced the number of jobseekers under my care from 370 to 350 (with an increase back to 368) to now.. 354 cases...

To reduce to this number also means I have already hit my KPI (aka target) for this month within 2 weeks of September. In fact now, I'm like just closing for the sake of reducing the number of cases.

Wondering if I can do that again next month. Think shouldn't be a problem bah..

If I can consistently close cases at such rate, getting a good performance bonus is within sight. *lol*

For those of you who dunno... September 17 was my 24th birthday. :P
So those of you who didn't give me a present, you better do that. HA HA HA

Not much celebration since me and my bf are both broke. Ha ha ha ha.. Anyway, I've got a XBOX game from my bf (San Gup Wu Shuang 4) and 1 set of perfume+moisturising gel+scented stones from my new colleagues. As for myself, I bought myself 1 pair of pants, 1 blouse (dunno why so bloody low cut), and lingerie~ *grins* as soon as I got my salary on sunday.

But it was enjoyable.. it's the quality time spent that's more important than the quantity.. Cos' bf nowadays don't have much time to spend with me as he's busy with his driving instructor course.

He's gonna take his exam next friday.. I'm sure he can pass with flying colours. :)
I've been helping him memorising all the text in the handbook.
I can even memorise some details liao.. Check rear view mirror, check left blindspot, check right blindspot, etc etc

Whichever it is..I'm stopping my blog here. Dunno when will I have the time to blog.

Btw, does any1 know where to get ultra cheap digital cameras of decent brands (like olympus, canon, nikon, sony) ?

That's all for now.. Ciaos~


Jian Wei said...

I guess, I didn't get the calls from them. Anyway, I forgot to wish you a happy birthday..haha, paiseh.

My cam is Nikon coolpix s1, not bad lo...

edwardandres5656 said...

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Shannon said...

Hmm.. jian wei, how much you bought your digicam?

Anyway, thanks for your comment edwardandres, no idea where u get to know my blog.. but who cares. *lol*