Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I took 1 hour time off today (cos' I went for my brisk walking session with my brisk walkers @ Marsiling Zone 7 last Saturday and we get to claim 1 hour off from our work)

Another stormy day..Just when I got out from office at around 5pm, the sky was dark grey, and lightning were flashing across the sky. It's especially obvious across the big field opp. the MRT station. Loud thunder was heard.. like as though the sky has been cracked open by force. In fact, for a moment, it sounded like the scene in War of the Worlds, where the aliens first arrived to earth by lightning. Bolt after bolt of lightning.. Ear-deafening thunder.. next came the downpour.. Heng I'm already at the mrt platform waiting for the train.

My mum cooked fried bee hoon for dinner. Having dinner at home certainly can save lotsa money.. ha ha ha.. Was chatting with my mum about work, and that I was assigned to Nee Soon East CC for mobile service from next week onwards. No more Bukit Panjang.. heh heh..

Anyway, got feeling for drawing.. Suddenly remembered about the incident I had on Monday.. I had morning counter duty that day, and had quite a few interviews with the walk-in jobseekers. So in the afternoon, I was doing my data entry (new jobseekers' application forms and also their job referrals). Our online database was as usual, super slow.. and login time always expires very fast. I was finishing off the jobseeker's working experience and clicking on the SAVE button.

1 second passed... (as usual.. response is ultra slow..)
2 seconds passed... (I'm a patient person)
3..... 4...... 5...... 6..... 7..... 8.....9....
10 seconds passed.. (all right... testing my patience.. fine.. I can wait.. )
30 seconds passed...
WTF~!!! No response!!!
Great... my data arent saved.. and I wasted my time keying in so many data..


Never mind.. re-login again..
Same thing happened... 2x!!

I mumbled "SHIT this database" while re-logining..
I think I mumbled too loud liao.. even my colleague over at the far end (she's around 6 cubicles away) can hear me.. WAHAHAHA.. my 'SHIT" kinda loud.. *LOL*

The stupid database expired my login again when I was keying in my data.. This time, I was like trying to strangle the monitor when my colleague,Lizah walked passed. Lizah was stunned at what I was trying to do to the PC.. and then she asked me what I was trying to do. I just joked with her saying I'm trying to strangle the damned PES. Lizah laffed her head off.. Ha ha..

And so I drew this comic (click for a larger pic).. Basically, that's wat I think most of my colleague will think of me bah.. :P

Our job section can say.. is the liveliest in the office.. We have.. a Polar Bear aka SAGE (organisation for elderly jobseekers), a Gorilla, a Doggy, Corny Johnny who's Horny aka Bizlink (it's an organisation for the handicapped), a self-proclaimed YanDao Kia (erm.... like i said, self-proclaimed), Farmer & Harvester (for cauliflowers - think dirty), Any-thing-any-how-any-where (aka Annie), etc.. Not forgetting me (heng.. no nicknames yet.. LOL)

With such crazy colleagues, everyday is a funny day.. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey hey! Had a great laff at your comic. U got comic talent leh!
- Sock Mun