Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I've not updated my blog for so long~

Nothing much happened nowadays..
My bf started teaching over at BBDC.. so, that means he's working shift. Which also means... I wont get to meet him so often now. Ahh... I've gotta find things to occupy myself during his absence. :(
This probably will mean more OT.. or shopping alone.. correction.. window-shopping alone. Danger to my wallet.. likelyhood to spend more than usual. *help*

Anyway, I've watched Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo last night @ Jurong Point. It was hilarious!!
Though some of the jokes were kinda old, but it's really funny. Can you imagine.. Golden Boner award? And got one of the gigalo with a well-endowed(read: long and juicy) *censored*, which was actually.. cucumber. LOL.. :P~
Whatever it is, you guys gotta watch it.. Nice to drive the blues away.. even the most depressed person will start laughing their heads off.. (^-^)

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