Thursday, August 11, 2005

Back to Blogging

Cool... Havent been blogging for almost 1 week!

Any fans miss me? Hee hee.. Shucks.. I got no fans.. I forgot..

Anyway.. It's been a great week.. I got to rest thoroughly for around 4-6 days before starting my new job on Monday, 8th August.

Let's talk about what I did during my 'resting' period.
I got to play intensively.. without bothering about having to wake up early to work the next day.. I got to play a lot more pool and get back my touch with it.. I probably put on much more weight since I was out having late dinners and suppers with my pals and my bf.. Not forgetting spending a little bit more $$ on shopping.. particularly makeup.. No idea what makes me so vain all of a sudden.. I did also buy a new pair of working pants from Dorothy Perkins when they are having their sale. Imagine from $59 and slash until $39, a cool $20 discount~ :P
Couldnt get any working blouses, they look too funky, baring.. and erm.. expensive.. Usually the clothes that I like dun have my size, and even when they have my size (that fits nicely on the shoulders and arms), the chest will be particularly tight.. WAHAHAHA.. So.. most of the time, I have to buy a size bigger, and ended up looking like a dwarf. I dun really know if it's a blessing or a curse. :P

Anyway, I finally signed my Appointment Letter last Friday at People Association. In case, you guys dunno where PA is, it's between Kallang MRT Station and National Stadium.
The HR lady told me that it's a 5 day work week, but no dress down on Fridays. Everyday office wear, cos we have to meet candidates everyday, new walk-ins or via appointments.
Back at TSC, we used to call the employers, our clients, but at NWCDC, it's the jobseekers whom we are calling 'Clients'.

So my 1st day at work.. I was super early. Left my house at 7.25am, took bus to Lakeside and transfer MRT to Woodlands. By 8.05am, I have reached Woodlands. I'm supposed to start work at 8.30am. No idea how to spend that 20mins.. I walked around aimlessly.. then settled down outside the reception area, where my manager finally came and opened the glass door. (Everywhere with a door, requires a security pass to open)
At the meeting room, I was surprised to meet 2 other new colleagues, Annie and Andrew. Nice people.. Annie is in her 30s, previously working as a part-time Prudential Advisor and a qualified Hypnotheraphist, Andrew also in his 30s, previously working in a stat-board.. every guy's favourite... The Censorship Board as a CSO. WOW~ *lol*

On the overall, NWCDC really got lotsa colleagues, both young, old, and with lotsa different races. Considering ourselves to be lucky, we 3 got to join in the senior colleagues in a training seminar with the UK Recruitment/ HR professionals from WorkingLinks. Some of our colleagues went to a 1-week course with them(in sg along with other CDC's colleagues). The 2 ang mohs.. really humorous.. I really like British accent.. it has a kind of a sophisicated feeling to it. So listening to them talking away wasnt that tedious (maybe also becos we are under British colony back then). We have some hands-on session on doing action-planning as well.

Today..well... main focus.. is to learn to use the online system called PESS. It's like an online database with all the jobseekers' information. If only TSC has this kind of database.. My 2 mentors, Belinda and Julieyana, are 2 really nice ladies and very patient. They even let me do a few cases, keying in the data into PESS, updating the records. I even got to call up some jobseekers to inform them about the upcoming Recruitment Exercise held by NTUC and see if they are keen to participate. Julieyana said that if any of them participate and found a job there, it will be under my direct placement target (aka my sales). See.. she's so nice..

I guess tomorrow I'll be probably be continuing my training on the PESS, and perhaps something new like doing counter duties etc. Anyway, I've bought a new jacket to wear whenever I'm on duty (aka doing interviewing in the interview room) or doing counter duties. All these are entirely new from TSC.. a good experience.. a good beginning...

I hope I can excel in NWCDC.. then can look forward to many months of performance bonuses~ *LOL*

p/s: If anyone is wondering why I wasnt online in MSN so often.. that's becos I havent got the time to go MSN, especially at work. I cant really install MSN in my pc, so I can only go webMSN. However, it will probably take some time before I'm back on MSN. Really wanna concentrate on my work first.. If you guys really miss me, just check out my blog or email to me lor.. those of you who got my mobile, keep your smses coming in~ Hee hee...


Tiff said...

no wonder nv c u on msn..hehe..hey ur current job got sales target oso?

tiramisuboy said...

Good to hear that u are doing fine....hope that this will be your last job. Next time if I need jobs, I can come to you!!

I am also pretty busy...going for my 4 hours "live" simulation exam next week..fucking scared loh...plane kena parked wrongly or miss 1 step...jialat have to retest. but pressure is really really heavy...cannot breathe liao:(

no time to blog often too..I can foreseen my bachelor hood going to last for some time...

SM said...

WOW, seems like the new job is TONS better than TSC eh? Sounds like fun and more varied. Got training some more. Sigh.... anyway, do hope to see you in MSN real soon.