Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thursday... WEEKEND's here soon!

I've been going for lotsa courses at WDA these past 2 weeks.. Good thing about such courses, is where you are not in the office to be stressed about seeking employment for our jobseekers and also.. get to go shopping directly after the course itself.

Khai's prolink modem, after troubleshooting by me last night, is diagnosed to be.. SPOILT~! Both of us are Singnet broadband users, thus the modems that we used are the same, so it's pretty easy to troubleshoot.

Since we are at One Marina Boulevard, we decided to pop over to Funan's Challenger to check out the ADSL modems. I'm a challenger member mah.. using my card, can get either 10% discount or the promotion rate for members for certain products. It's quite a long walk from OMB to Funan.. The walk is made shorter by talking rubbish along the way, with Khai and Andrew as the entertainers. Ha ha ha..

Once at the Challenger, we were scratching our heads which modem is suitable for SingNet broadband. Suddenly, my excellent memory reminded me that there's a Singnet broadband counter over at one hidden corner.. so.. just ask the guy lar.. Surely he will know right? Just as I guessed, the guy gave us a list of the modems which are suitable. It's an easy search, given that I'm a regular over at Challenger. No need to wonder why I'm a regular there.. When me and my bf got nothing to do, or nowhere in particular to shop, we'll just go there to shop (not forgetting the Software Boutique for a range of Xbox games not found easily in Challenger).

Anyway, Khai got what he wanted (and I earned another 75 points to my Challenger account), we decided to go home. Bf called.. and said that he finished his OT already and had gone home to change. He's already on his way to meet me (I msged him that I'm at Funan earlier). Wondering where to have dinner, and being the lazy me, I told him to meet at Marina Square. Maybe can eat Carl's Junior.

We headed down to Carl's Junior at the basement area.. Packed... really very packed.. Ah...well... had dinner at Cafe Cartel instead. Since I've already got my salary, and bf's salary is yet to come, I paid for our dinner tonight. We are not very particular about monetary issues between the 2 of us. Usually we will just initiate the payment and won't argue about it.

Passing by Dorothy Perkins, I had the urge to go in and shop. My bf, being the clever one, restrained me from going in. Ha ha ha.. he knew i'll spend a lot once i'm in there.
So never mind lor.. I shall go to The Face Shop instead.

I heard about this place when I surf this forum ( Apparently, they sell very good face masks. I've been having a pimple outbreak since 2 weeks ago, and these pimples are not going away. So tot of buying a couple of face masks to see if they work. Heard also that they are very good for those who have acne-prone or sensitive skin.

My trophies: 3 mushrooms and 3 lemon face masks.. AND.. 1 stick eye shadow and 1 lip gloss. Total damage: $40.90. A bit harsh on my thinning wallet though.. BUT.. guess wat?!

Bf paid for it~!!!


He seldom paid for my makeup/ beauty stuffs, cos I'll usually pay them myself since I'm the one using them. So.. it's really nice of him to pay for them :P

Anyway, I have already used one of the mushrooms mask. Smells nice leh.. and after using it.. wah.. damned shiok lor.. Hopefully my pimples will go away.. I hate pimples. For once, they are gone, and out of my sight for 3 years, now they are back! Damned those pimples!! GrrR~


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tiramisuboy said...

oih...I saw your profile candy that pinkish glow on your face..I shall give you the title of pinky babe!