Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sky High

Watched Sky High on Thursday (Yup... Hari Raya Holiday) @ Bugis Parco.

It was a funny movie.. Super heroes' kids going to a school, specially built for them.. to cultivate their 'talents' or'super powers'. Ha ha ha..

So.. this fella was the son of 2 super heroes- Dad's a mighty strong hero, while mum's a flyer. Initially the son didn't have any powers, or rather, he had not developed any yet. Until a fight in school kinda spurred him, and he developed super powers like his dad.

The rest of the story is quite predictable. Boy fell for the belle of the school, neglecting his friends (who arent the popular ones in school), ignorant of his childhood friend who's been secretly in love with him since young and realised everything when something went wrong. Belle of the school was a evil villian shrunk back to a kid by the boy's dad many years ago etc etc.. and THEN.. boy developed another super power- his mum's powers, being a flyer. So now, he's like Superman.. a hero with incredible super strength (virtually indestructable) and able to fly in the speed of light. Ha ha..

Anyway.. i HATE the seats @ Parco Shaw. The seats are damned high (okay.. maybe becos I'm short *dreads*) and they aren't even seated like a slanted slope (dunno how to explain lar, arrangement like GV that kind).

Heng, the one sitting in front of me wasn't any tall guy with a big head cos' probably my view will be totally blocked. The only good thing about Parco Shaw.. is the POPCORN~!! Apparently.. Shaw outlets make great popcorn. Ha ha.. (and they also seem to only hire very senior people to work there. :X )

Ain't going there to see movies anymore... Sucky seats. Hmph!

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tiramisuboy said...

Sky high...try flying everyday in the sky and u would definitely feel high!
For my first few days of flying, I was feeling the G-force rsuhing my head..fucking high and heart was out!

Luckily, it gets better everyday with practice. Flying is therepeutic..cos when u are up there, u forget about your worries & troubles..its only the bly sky and u..cruising ...