Sunday, November 20, 2005

Friday.. Harry Potter~!!

Went to catch Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire @ GV Plaza, late-night movie.. 1.50am. Was thinking of going to Orchard Cineleisure, but thinking it might be packed, we just went to Plaza Singapura.

This movie had made me waited for 1 whole year.. Finally.. it's HERE!!!!

A week ago, I read my book again to refresh my memory, believing that this new director will do a good job.

However..... after watching it.. I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED!!!

It's probably only 60% of the book being made into a movie. The director missed out so many important sections!!! Utterly disappointed~!

For example, the 1st scene where Harry Potter and Ron was awaken suddenly by Hermione to go to the Quidditch World Cup and all hell broke loose becos' of the deatheaters, that particular scene where Harry lost his wand and met with Winky the house-elf.. Where's that scene??!!
The Death-Mark was conjured using Harry's wand not that... Fudge Junior fella.. Haiz..

Triwizard Tournament supposed to have 10000 Galleons as prize money, and that wasn't being mentioned! Needless to say, nothing was mentioned about George and Fred opening a joke shop and Harry being the investor was mentioned (becos' Harry won the tournament so he got the 10000 galleons).

There's a lot more not being mentioned.. and Dumblelore.. I din know that he actually became 'younger' than the other Dumblelore in Prizoner of Azkaban. Ha ha ha..

The whole movie anyway, was a less exciting or mysterious (which my bf commented) than the previous 3. Take note that my bf has never read Harry Potter's books before. He doesn't know who's Harry Potter until I was pestering him to watch it with me 3 years ago. :P

They could have made it into a 3 hour show like Lord of the Ring or Titanic.. not a miserable 2.5 hours.. Did I mention we were watching a full 20 mins commercials from the 1st min we sat down in the cinema?

GV,please take note... DON'T AIR YOUR COMMERCIALS FOR SO LONG, CAN? 10 mins is enough already. I can have a full 20 mins nap in there... and we even try to finish our Nachos in 20 mins just to show that commercials are very long. Ha ha..

I give Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire.. 3.5 out of 5 (in comparison to the first 3 movies).

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