Saturday, July 30, 2005

Theme for doodles needed...

I need to come up with a theme for my doodles..
I cant exactly doodle w/o a theme.. There must be something that can spur my imagination like.. something corny/ lame that someone did, or a decription that 1 would think of him/herself (i.e: I probably admit I'm filled with dirty evil thoughts in my head, WAHAHAHA~)
Which is also why I will just doodle out during MSN cos of the jokes we had.. *lol*

Last night (after splitting with my $150 which I had saved up ever since my 1st Wacom Graphire ceased operations) , I drew of something which I probably had already drew during office free time..

Someone.. probably in his younger years.. (ya lar.. I bought a new one.. after 2 years.. @ $139)

See if any1 can guess who that can be..
*seriously.. it meant no offence, just that somehow that's wat I observed lar..*
Hope it's not too blur.. I doodled it on my MS Paint, though I should really do it on my Adobe Photoshop (I did a 'portrait' of myself, and.. that kinda din look like me.. at all)
The lines shd be more defined after saving in Jpeg if it's done on Photoshop, even after minimising the size when I place it here cos' I dun wanna jammed up all your bandwidth.

I doubt I got any 'fans' at the moment, but if any1 got any comments or criticisms, do leave a comment. Ha ha ha..

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~FaTeBoY~ said...


Well..I am your fan mahz...and I know who that person you are drawing...keke..let's keep that a secret..