Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm drop dead tired..

Work's piling up..
Been trying to close cases.. and so far.. I've got around 3 direct placements and 9 indirect placements. But new registered job seekers kept coming in..
Some more this freakin' month, dunno why got so many recruitment exercises and job preparation exercises. So in the end have to call all the jobseekers, prescreen them, then send them to the job fairs.

Moon finally quitted.. cos he's gonna work as a Driving Instructor with BBDC. Cool eh~
I can get free driving lessons liao.. ha ha ha.. but of cos, I have no intentions of getting a driving licence. Driving so bloody stressful.. somemore I'm the type who will sleep once I sit down.. So.. imagine me driving behind the wheel.. and dozing off.. Ha ha ha .. Just think of me as a hazard to the road users...

Anyway, he's currently on course.. 2 months driving instructor course, afterwhich if he pass, he will be engaged as a Driving Instructor. Then he has to go get a Class 2 licence, which is a must. Somehow, he's struggling with the course. He told me that for each procedure, it takes around 15 mins. Today, he was 'teaching' me on how to get into the car.

You all may think getting into the car is just, unlock the freakin' lock, open door, and sit down right? Sorry lor.. it's not!

As far as I can remember, he said, must check the rear signal lamps, check tires, check boot, bonnet, windows, blah blah blah.. and also whether got anything leaking i.e: radiator water, coolant blah blah... then even opening the door also must have some action action.. haiz..

Anyway, I hope he pass the course with flying colours and become a full-pledged driving instructor. Moon was biting his lips and trying hard to pass also.. cos' upon securing the job as an instructor, the income will be better and more stable. Then hopefully by saving up our bonuses (yes.. BBDC's employees' welfare are damned good, lotsa bonuses; mine isnt that bad either), we can tie the knot by next year or the year after next.

I'm sure many will say, just go ROM register, then save up for the dinner lor. But he doesn'tlike that idea. He was hoping to settle the ROM and the dinner within 1 month gap. He was kinda determined to earn more, so that we can finally settle down with a average yet decent wedding. Look at it this way, we've been together for almost 3 years this coming September and getting married is being delayed, cos' neither 1 of us holds a job that pays well and stable. Rather to rush into things, he feels that it's better for us to take things one at a time. Our relationship is already stablised, the only thing to settle.. is the finance part (after marriage). What if.. we have a kid? At least with some savings and stable income, we can raise our children without worrying much.

Well, I'm pretty much contented with just registering at ROM. Though.. i dont mind if the wedding proposal is done in a fairly romantic and unexpected manner.. ha ha ha ha :P

Tomorrow gotta attend a 1-day seminar.. *yawns*

Time to sleepz.....


tiramisuboy said...

get married sia....don't forget to invite me....ang bao in the air..hahaha!!

Shannon said...

That's provided if nothing goes wrong lar.. Ang Bao big big hor..