Friday, November 04, 2005

Project Runway

Watched Project Runway's debut on Monday..
I kinda like it.. Though the concept is the same as any other reality show, but it's really cool.

For America's Top Model, it's quite interesting to see how ordinary girls transform themselves into beautiful, sexy ladies in front of the set. They have to bare themselves when needed (in front of strangers somemore), get dirty (remember the episode on Britany rolling around in mud?), get tortured (sort of, by this nasty photographer, who tried to act nasty as a challenge to the models) etc..

But... once they see their photos.. WOW~
They look absolutely gorgeous! I was cheering for Naima all the way. She looks really awesome in the pictures. I'm glad she won.

For Project Runway.. some designers... erm... are pretty.. weird.. A few that I remembered, this 'porn-supplier' turned designer, a 'father for marriages' who once had a line of fashion under his name, a lawyer who thinks she can design fashion and gay-ish guy who's more into Victorian-style fashion etc..

I'm rooting for this young graduate from the fashion school. Their 1st challenge was to design an outfit where their models can wear for a party. The materials for the outfit... must be from the local grocery store! This amazing gal used lounge chair material (the plastic-sheet kind) and transform it into a wacky, creative 1-piece tube dress. It was to me... very very eye-catching.

Guess wat, the gay-ish guy won.. his design was made from corn husks.. though he had forgottened that corn husks will wilt if not refridgerated. But he was very creative to use such material.
The lousy piece(s) was 1 that was made from candies (really lousy) and another made from..I dunno what (made by the lawyer).

I'm totally glued to this show. Ha ha :P

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