Thursday, August 04, 2005

Simple recipes..

Hey.. suddenly it strucks me..
I can write a few recipes here.. and u peeps can try it out.
Usually the recipes are the ones which I've tried and tested.. and most definately simplified (not all recipes). Some of them are came up by me, after trying out some foods which I've ate in restaurants and I've simplified them to make it easy to cook at home.

Last Sunday, Moon(my bf) and I went to Orchard. After walking through Centerpoint, Specialist's Shopping Center, we went to PS. After so much walking, we settled down at Secret Recipes for dinner. They are selling all kinds of cakes and the sight of them makes me drool.

Moon ordered Tom Yam Spagetti while I ordered Chicken Dunno-simi-wa-ko.. It's basically Chicken with Ham and Cheese.
The spagetti tasted quite alright, not spicy at all, but full of lemon grass smell.
Mine was quite good, everytime u sliced your knife in, you see the cheese oozing out. It really tasted good. So I decided to come up with my own simplified version.

I shall call it.. Cheesy Hammy Chicky *lol*

Ingredients (serves 2):
2 pcs of Chicken nehneh breast meat (sliced open to form like chicken chop)
2 slices of Ham (shoulder ham, smoked ham, whichever u like)
1/2 cup of Mozeralla cheese (or Parmasean if you are rich)
Toothpicks/ Strings (not those sewing or raffia hor.. take those white colour ones used when you were in Scouts/ Guides for knotting)
Some plain flour

Marinade for chicken:
2 tablespoons of light soy sauce (tablespoon is the spoon u used for eating)
White pepper
Black pepper (preferably coarse)
1 teaspoon of Sesame oil
1 teaspoon of corn flour
1 tablespoon of Hua Tiao Jiu (花雕酒)

1. Marinade the chicken meat. Leave it for at least 30 mins to 1 hour beforehand.
2. Once marinaded, take 1 slice of the chicken breast meat, put 1 slice of the ham on the chicken, then sprinkled the mozeralla cheese on the ham.
3. Roll or fold it like you would to make popiah.
4. Using toothpicks/ string, secure the meat.
5. Sprinkle some plain flour on the meat. This will make the meat more crispy on the outside.
6. Heat up oil in wok, enough to cover at least half of the meat.
7. Fry the meat, lower the heat when necessary, and cook till golden brown or when meat is cooked.
8. Drain with kitchen towels to remove any excess oil.
9. Take out the toothpicks/strings. (you dont want to kill your friends/ family)
10. Cut into slices and serve while hot.

Have fun and surprised your loved ones with your cooking skills!


tiramisuboy said... don't be chef wasted lah...quit your job and go onto food business!! I be your first customer!

SM said...

Yah, I agree. I still have good memories of the stuff which you prepared for us for the BBQ at Jasper's place!

Shannon said...


No lar.. preparing food for friends is different from preparing food to be sold.
Anyway.. it wont be long till my next cooking fiesta~
Birthday coming soon.. and was intending to hold BBQ or something.. U guys got any good suggestions? :P

SM said...

Urm,... well, I'll mention this in the office den we'll have a little discussion amongst overselves and den we'll let u know. I don't mind another BBQ... but PLSSSSS NO TAKING OF PICTURES! T.T