Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mission accomplished..

Went out with my buddy, Awyn, to Orchard.

I had to withdraw and deposit money from my POSB to UOB. Cos'... I wanna get UOB points using my debit card to pay (and sadly UOB not much money left lar).

Anyway, I decided to go to Robinson to have a look at the pens. Came up to the Men's section and found a counter selling the pens.

My eyes caught the glimpse of Mont Blanc pens.. Wow~ All look so nice.. but hor, when I see the price tags.. ArGHh.. OVER BUDGET!!
Then I pretend pretend, asked the counter lady if she had Waterman brand of pens. She's very nice, showed me the range of Waterman pens.

Nice leh.. got pens with prices within my budget range somemore.. I told the sales lady that I'm buying as a birthday present for a guy,told her my budget range and she immediately took out the range of pens which is within my requirements. Finally.. after looking here and there.. I've set my eyes on this roller pen which can be changed to ball point, by changing the refillable ink.

Charcoal black looks very common to me, so I chose copper brown. It's a unique colour lor.. Awyn agreed with me too. Then, the very 'auntie' side of me asked the sales lady if she got any free gifts (cos the pen cost a few more dollars above my budget, must make it worthwhile).
She gave me.. not 1.. but 2 free gifts!!!
2 key chains - 1 leather, and 1 steel (with crystals on it)

Got it wrapped up.. and happily made payment.

Mission accomplished..

But here comes the next mission.. HOW TO SURPRISE HIM WITH THE PRESENT????
Basically... I think my bf can read my mind.. and I dunno if I can tahan not telling him that I've got a present for him for his birthday (which is on Saturday).

I'm really hoping I can surprise him..

1) Thought of secretly hide it in the front compartment of the car (what if.... he din open it?)
2) When he's out of the car, placed it on the driver seat and act innocent (Ya.. lame.. LOL)
3) Hide it underneath his driver seat (and risk getting the present stepped by him.. :P )
4) Just give it to him like that.. and say I picked this box from somewhere.. (Duh~)
5) Bake a cake, and give everything together.. (Cake... okay... where's my oven ar?)

How how how??

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