Monday, August 15, 2005

Nice to see comments

Thanks for all your comments everyone.. Really glad that you guys are reading my blog (which initially I dun think anyone who wanna read it.) :P

Anyway, just a quick reply to the comments..

To Tiff, yes... I do have sales target (sadly). But the great thing is.. it's according to the number of jobseekers who have found a job. Explanation as follows: Sales target(in recruitment industry).. is known as K.P.I where I work.. think it's Key Performance Indicator. It's some word used when u are doing HRM..( i think so lar.. whoever knows, please enlighten me.)

Our KPI is 8 direct/ indirect placements per month. Placements referring to the number of jobseekers who found a job, through us (direct) or by their own means (indirect).

So basically, if everyday I do my work properly and do my 'housekeeping', 8 per month isnt any problem. The more j/s found a job (under my cases), the better (to my performance bonus) *lol*

To Tiramisu, keep your stress bug under control. Sounds like you are quite stressed, which results in your poor health. Dont forget to avoid chicken and oranges as they induce coughing.

Swallow more Vitamin C.. keeps the flu bug away.

A healthy man works better and thinks clearer (which indirectly affect the safety of the plane's passengers) :P

Dunno if it's effective, but a good way to remember the procedure (SOP), is to role-play the scenerio out. Say out loudly what's the procedure and act it out as if there's a control panel in front of you. Go through the whole procedure many times, and during exam time, just take it as though you are role-playing. I used to do that when I'm preparing for my Food & Nurition practical exam during O's. *LOL*

Cant really be of any help to help find you guys work.. since the positions which are available are mostly production operators, cleaners, general workers etc. U cant be interested in those, right?
But I can let you know when there's vacancy for Career Consultants. :P

I hope everyone else is doing well at work. It's really sad that I cant logon to my MSN nowadays. The work itself is keeping my mind off MSN for the time being. I doubt if I got the time.

Last Friday I did my 1st Recruitment Exercise (under NTUC). All of us didn't expect the response is so good! Almost 150 people came (we estimated around 60-80) and because the conference room could only hold roughly 80 people (sitting down) and another 30-40 for standing, we have to filter off those walk-in jobseekers and allow only those with invitation by CDCs or WDA. Of cos, this angered quite a few jobseekers. But we managed to calm them down and advised them to register as our NWCDC jobseeker if they live in our GRCs. At least in future if there are any similar RE, they will be given priority.

It's Sunday already.. and tomorrow is back to work again. I'm going to do my medical checkup at CCK's Raffles Medical Group clinic on Tuesday (which is compulsory). I hate medical checkup.. cos I have to see how much I weigh.. and how short I am.. *LOL*
Hopefully my checkup will pass..

Anyway, for the past 2 days, I've been on a strict diet. Only food in soups (laksas, mee rebus, mee siam, lor mee are a big NO-NO) and porridge are allowed. No tit-bits or what-so-ever..
I dun think I wanna hear that I have high-blood pressure, high cholestrol etc from the doc's mouth. I'm pretty numb to hearing that I'm overweight, obese etc etc.. Doctors like to make a mountain out of a molehill (hope that's how it's used). For the past 24 years, I've been very healthy, after numerous checkups done in schools. Not very often you get to hear those words from the doctor when you are overweight (in their eyes).

Whichever it is, I do hope to shed off some weight. Not because of vanity (whoever dare to say a word about me ought to slim down, I'm gonna tear your f**king mouth apart and tie your sllimy tongue into a dead knot), but because my right knee is really hurting nowadays. It's an old injury which I got when playing a netball match against some other girls. Kenna banged by a girl who's larger and taller than me while jumping up and fighting for the freakin' ball. I guess maybe if some weight is lost, the pain will be gone as well. This is also one of the main reasons why I dun like jogging or exercising as it stresses my right knee.

Perhaps shedding just some weight off is also the 1st step to wedding preparation. No ding dong bells as yet.. but I dun wanna be like my cousins who frantically went on crash diet at the last 4 weeks in order to fit into their wedding gowns. Think it's better to prepare beforehand. *LOL*

Wish me luck.. dunno how long I can tahan this torturing diet.. Ha ha ha..
I miss my Nasi Lemak~! :P


Tiff said...

keep it up! You can do it! If you think you can, you can!

tiramisuboy said...

thanks for your cough is gone....time to hit the gym and keep my tummy trim. I think i lost some weight due to the cough...appetite very poor leh..haha..that gives me the excuse to eat more!!

Pass my simulator test with high scores...damn happy as I am 1 morestep closer to doing the actual thang.

keep up your good work and get more jobs closed for the needy!!

Shannon said...

Hmm.. 1 more step closer to crashing planes~ *LOL*