Sunday, November 20, 2005

Saturday... World Cyber Games~!!!

Woke up at around 12pm on Saturday..

Decided to go and see World Cyber Games at Suntec Convention Hall, hoping to get some good deals from the Xbox booth. We assumed they have placed a booth there, since WCG includes playing Halo 2 and other xbox games.

Parked our car at Millenia Walk and walked to Suntec. If anyone is wondering why we parked there instead of Suntec, please lo... anyone who drives a car will know.. SUNTEC CARPARK IS ALWAYS FULL!!! You can try circling in there for 20 mins and you can never find a empty slot that easily.. Millenia Walk is a lot easier, and less than a 5 mins walk across the road.

So.. we went.. and surprising.. not many people.. So we searched high and low for the xbox booth..
WAH PIANG EH!!! They never set up a booth!!!!!!!

Great.... so much for getting cheap deals for xbox games.. Bf was saying I should get a game that I'm interested in playing since everytime I was the one buying the games that usually he likes to play (i.e: those millitary type, or those shooting ones.. etc)
I'm the intellectual type *pukes*... k lar... I'm the type who prefer RPG type.. If not those fight, kill, kick, bash type. :P

Anyway, we went to watch around at the new Marina Square which was fully renovated already. Lotsa people.. lotsa shops.. damned.. tight budget. LOL *must fight the urge to shop*

Initially wanted to buy Carl's Junior back since everyone was saying it's really nice. But hor, after 2nd thought... better not... Bf's mother already cooked our dinner. Next time, perhaps..

So we walked back to Millenia Walk, deciding to go to Funan to get our games instead. Cos... I'm a Challenger member mah.. so might as well, get some points from the games.

Then someone really familar caught my eye at Harvey Norman.

Even though it was just the back view, I can recognise him, even if he's reduced to ashes.
2.5 years together, I'm damned sure he's someone I know..
No prizes for getting the correct answer.. It's my ex.. He did turn his face a bit, so I'm even more sure..
I didn't wanna go up and greet him though.. Kinda awkward.. even though we did like kinda remain as friends..
Anyway, I think he's with his gf lar.. so I think better not. Ha ha ha..
I din tell my bf, cos he probably will try to see how my ex look like.. My bf although may not be a handsome guy, but he's pretty confident of himself thus he carries himself quite well. (Not forgetting his sacarism is horrifying).. So.. what if... both meet eye to eye.. ?
Bf told me once.. that if he was to meet my ex one day, he will probably thank him(ex) for breaking up with me and thus letting us meet and become a couple. How sweet is that.. :)

But of cos, I wish my ex all the best, and can see he's really happy, compared to last time. Ha ha ha.. I admit, I was really.. er... horrible last time.. HA HA HA HA..
Now.. think I'm worst.. so thank god, my bf can tame me.. *LOL*


tiramisuboy said...

oih...very "rou mah" your last statement...

tiramisuboy said...

oih very "rou mah" your last statement....