Friday, October 28, 2005

Great discovery!

I was watching the tv earlier on, when I came across Krafts advertisement on kitchen recipes.

So I followed the webby indicated at the bottom of the screen.. (FYI: Krafts Australia)


A totally fun way to make cheesecake the EASY way!!!!

Now I can lay my hands on making the best cheesecake around!! Okay... I'm just bragging.. ha ha ha..

If only.. my mum's willing to spend the $$$ on buying a oven for baking cakes and cookies. (But of cos, she wouldn't mind her dotter paying for it.)

I missed the good old days in secondary school where I can lay my hands on the school oven every week during F&N classes.. *remembering the days*

想当年。。。I was the Top student in Food & Nutrition in Secondary 3 and got a A2 for my F&N O's as well.

Damned... I should have opt to study in SHATEC last time. :P

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