Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Staff Retreat @ Raffles Marina Country Club!

WOAH.. Shiok leh~!

My 1st time going into Raffles Marina Country Club!

1st October, Children's Day... also NWCDC Staff Retreat day~! This retreat is possible with many thanks to Dr Gan (MP for Community Development- i think). He was previously the chairperson of Raffles Marina (i think).

Anyway, I woke up around 6.45am. In fact, I only slept at 1am cos' I was too engrossed in playing my Romance of 3 Kingdom (Q-version) that I've forgottened all about the retreat. So, i was all blur and sleepy. But I managed to pull my fat arse out of my cosy bed, dress up and took a bus to Boon Lay, waiting for our bus to bring us to the country club. Our company is kind enough to get a bus to transport those living in the West area to Raffles Marina, w/o going to Woodlands to take the transport. Raffles Marina, for your info, is located in far end of Tuas, near to the sea.

By 8.45am, we reached the place. OH MY GOD, IT'S A PARADISE!!!!!!

The whole place is SO SERENE!!!!!

You can see the straits of malacca!!! Hmm... was that the straits of Malacca? Aiyah.. dunno lar.. I only know you can see the 2nd link from here. WAHAHAHHAA

So many yatches!!!! Deep blue sea~!!!! Clear blue sky~!!!

We proceed to the function room, and get our seats near to the mini stage. My GM gave a warm welcome to all of us, and next in line to give a welcoming speech was Dr Teo, our mayor. A short intro was given by Dr Gan.

1st half of the morning was mainly on our discussion topics. I was asked to present the presentation slides on the topic of 'How to help mature jobseekers seek employment'. I was shaking my hairs off, having to present in front of so many people.. in front of our GM, Mayor and MP!! Luckily, I managed to present w/o having a heart attack. My colleague was saying i did a pretty good job. Hee~

The most entertaining part of the morning was the short skit, presented by my colleagues in the job team. Since I was already involved with the discussion topic, I was spared from the skit. But I can tell you.. it's the funniest skit I've ever seen!! It was so hilarious!!! Everyone of us was laffing till we had tears in our eyes.. even the Mayor was laffing too!

After a good laff, we had a short training lesson with Ms Jacqeline-Carter Teo, Mrs Singapore 2005. She's a trainer with Knacks Pte Ltd on Customer Service. It's a very informative training session and Ms Jacqeline is so pretty!

By 12pm, we had our lunch. Food was great!

From 12.30pm to 6pm was basically free and easy. We can do whatever we want. Me and my colleagues went to play bowling. Seriously, it was my 1st time to bowl, despite my brother was a player with SP Bowling Team. HA HA HA.. Though I've cleaned the 'longkang' many times (and even accidentally had the ball slipped from my fingers and rolled BACKWARDS!), I managed a strike or 2. Heh heh.. At the end of 3 hours, my arms were tired as hell.. It's worse than playing 4 hours of pool..

So it's karaoke time. Didn't really sing a lot, cos everyone had to q-up to dedicate the songs. So i just sang along to the songs everyone was singing. I did sing with my colleague, Annie - Colours of the Wind. Hmm.. my voice.. pretty impressive.. to a certain extent. WAHAHAHAHA~

6pm.. FOOD TIME! DINNER.. BBQ SEAFOOD BUFFET DINNER~!! We just have to sit down and see the waiters bbq the food for us! I din eat a lot, cos' recently I've gained so much weight!! I dunno what happened to me.. I was guessing maybe I was too stressed over work that I snacked quite a lot w/o realising.

Anyway, so long that I'm healthy, I'm happy with it. Maybe i have to go for more brisk-walking sessions with my RC zones.. HA HA HA..

I luv my work.. :P

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