Friday, October 28, 2005

Slim means beautiful?

I have absolutely no idea what's the craze about..

Everywhere we go, see, hear.. everyone's talking about slimming..

Yesterday I was watching tv happily when the reality show on transforming fat ladies into skinny ladies showed. Then came on advertisements on slimming products, slimming centres..

Does slim mean beautiful?

The ladies I saw on TV, all din put up much makeup, lousy fashion.. all trying to look haggard, ugly and not at all confident.

Whereas sometimes on the streets, I see chubby (or some will unkindly say FAT) ladies with great makeup, great clothings walking on the streets with confidence about themselves. I don't see them as fat and ugly, I see them as Big Beautiful Women.

Give those ladies a makeover- great makeup and great clothings, I bet you.. They will look like a superstar and guys will sure look at them the same way as they look at skinny girls.

Few years back, after healing from a bad breakup, I decided to make a change. Start my life all over again..

I told myself to be confident.. Be more outspoken (that's why now a bit siao siao one).. I guess I used to be quite... shy bah..

Nevertheless... my efforts paid off. See my boyfriend.. fruit of my labour.. (though he probably thinks I'd conned him into becoming my boyfriend. ha ha ha) If not for my 'outspokeness', how to know him, right?

Ha ha ha.. 3 years and counting.. cannot run liao.. ;P

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