Saturday, August 30, 2008

Power of Makeup

wanna know the power of makeup?
Nah.. I'm not gonna show you pics that already from the net of taiwanese girls..
I'm gonna show you.. ME!

Yup... I thick-skinned mah.. can let everyone see the naked face of mine.. (actually I just wanna encourage girls out there to be more confident of themselves.. everyone can be pretty, it's just a matter of whether they want or not?)
Anyway, one of the few good reasons why i seldom leave house w/o makeup... die die will have a BIT lor.. except when I go exercise..

This is... no makeup me.. BEWARE!

1) small eyes.. I told you so lor..
2) many many countless battle scars since teenage years..
3) uneven skin tone
4) raging hormones thus the pimples.. OI.. what you thinking?!

However... with the miracle of makeup.. even if it's just a bit, Yes.. NO heavy makeup for me (except during my ROM) .. I can have almost-flawless, almost-even, almost-invisible scars, almost-unseen pimples face!

So.. there's no UGLY women in the world.. but LAZY ones.. so ladies.. if a pig can be beautified, SO CAN YOU!
Stop whining about looking ugly! Just slap on some makeup! ;)

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