Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's been ages since I last stepped into a KTV..

Ok.. going passed a KTV (aka PartyWorld) every now and then doesn't count hor..

Thus.. to relieve my urge (STOP THINKING SO YELLOW!) .. Going to Youtube, staring at the screen, singing like nobody's business when the clip is playing has been one of the many activities I have when at home (apart from doing data entry, churning pivot tables on excel spreadsheeets for report, etc... basically there's no work-life balance... ).

You probably thinking how come I not playing my xbox360? cos.. my hubby's been hogging it every night.. playing his Battlefield: Bad Company, NBA Live08, FIFA 08, Oblivion etc... ever since we got our Xbox360 console exchanged when it died a few weeks ago..

I'm at my last disc of The Lost Odyssey, but.. dunno why I cdnt find the 'desire' to complete it. Ok.. frankly... once I start, I cant stop, so I could be playing all the way till the wee hours of the night without realising it. BAD!

Anyway, I was going through my old old pics that was taken last time.. Stared at them, and thought to myself...

"oh bloody hell! So UGLY sia! Look at my HUGE ARSE!!"

Hey.. wait.. I wasnt even born pretty and with a small arse in the first place.. (-.-)


Came home relatively early today... and I was like clueless on what to do to pass time... Hubby went for site survey @ LeisureWorld (on board the ship lor.. ) and wont be back until night time. Wanted to go jalan-jalan at town area but was dragging my laptop around - not a good choice lor.

I must tahan and save my money.. That Bobbi Brown new fall Mauve collection looks so deliciously appealing to me.. and it's only coming to Singapore in mid August. :(

I even have to resist going on Ebay.. god knows what ting will catch my eye and I probably will fall into its temptation..

ARgHhh.. must save money..

F**king Hitachi Credit is only loaning me 24k for my reno. Really f**k lor.. the whole reno costs at least 40k and they only loaning me 24k, for a moment I tot I dun have a good credit record (which is NOT TRUE).. so when I PAID money to see my CBS report, I'm telling you... NOT many peers of my age will be debt free, k!
I paid my credit card bills on time and basically CLEARed every single cent (sometimes I even pay more). Even my hubby's car loan is paid on time every month without fail, till GE money once even offered to loan us $3000 without any conditions, direct transfer to our bank account under 1 year free interest (of cos, we din take up.. hate to be in debt) immediately.
Probably the only thing I never pay on time is my hp and broadband bills... well.. cant blame me.. my hp bill is less than $40 per month, so I usually clear it every 2 months.. LOL. As for my broadband, well... also cheap cheap thus I only clear it every 2 months too..

Whatever it is... I'm going to check out RHB and DBS liao.


Even though I have their credit card (cos some of the shopping places I go, standchart offers good discounts), they took AGES to process... CENTURIES to send to me..

Unfortunately they are one of the few banks that offer renovation loan, thus when I went to their Woodlands branch to apply, the CSE told me to call their hotline, cos processing take longer if applied over the counter (I dun mind waiting wat! stupid B I(a)TCH!). The f**king telephone number she gave me was INVALID. So.. I called their hotline, was told that a Sales personnel will call me within 2 days. I waited for 1 week.. NO CALLS.. then I filled up their online form, requesting for the sales personnel to CALL me cos I'm interested to apply (yes.. GIVING THEM BUSINESS HOR) and even sms (kia su lar).

I only received a call from a girl with a HEAVY i-n-d-i-a-n accent (definately dun sound local), mumbling away about my sms on applying for the renovation loan. I explained to her that I'm interested to apply, but I would like to understand more (like payment details to my contractor etc). She then mumbled about calling me back at 1pm (she called me at 11am) and so I waited.... and waited.. 2pm liao.. NOONE CALLED. So maybe I thought she was talking about 1pm the next day.. and so I waited.. and waited.. and waited again.. AGAIN... NOONE CALLED ME BACK!

When finally I got a call from Standchart yesterday... guess what? THE IDIOT CALLED ME TO APPLY FOR THEIR CREDIT LOAN.. I told him I'm not interested, he then asked me further if I own any credit cards, maybe can consider to take up their low-interest transfer rate or something.. By now, I'm damned irritated..

I replied, "No thank you. Please understand that I'm not interested. I clear my credit card bills every month, and has NOTHING to transfer. Good bye." I hung up.

Once their card is with me for a year... I'm gonna tell my hubby not to use it, cut it up and sent back to them. LOUSY LOUSY LOUSY!!!! Cant even give me what I requested for!

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