Saturday, July 19, 2008

Something to be happy about!

I've successfully lost ... hmm.... 4kg!!!

Previously, I'm like around.. 80kg? then dropped around 76kg.. then.. increased to around 78kg again (for not exercising for 4 months) ...

Since May, I pushed myself back into exercising.. and the last time I weighed myself around the 1st week of July, I'm 74kg!!! WOOoHoOOOOO!!!!!

But... actually.. my ideal weight for 1.58m should be less than 60kg. KNN..
Another 14kg to go..
To do that, I need to be very very disciplined i.e.: gym 1 hr, 3x a week (like as if it's that easy.. with so much work to do), diet... really.. diet.. like totally can forget all the bad-for-diet foods..

So.. I'll be missing out a lot.. therefore, I decided, not to make it such a boring thing.

Here's my plan:
1) Gym 3x a week if possible, else at least minimum 1x , OR jog-a-walk at Lakeside Park.
2) Heavy breakfast (very important meal of the day), lunch - light (anyway, probably wont be able to eat much cos of the heavy breakfast), dinner - half the amount I usually eat i.e.: less rice, more veggy, moderate amount of meat and drink lotsa water!
3) Avoid fried/ oily foods whenever possible. Only give myself a treat once in a while.. chocolates and ice cream can be eaten as an encouragement for keeping myself on schedule.

Target weight: 70kg by Sep 08.

I can do it.. for the sake of being able to buy clothes with ease.. to be in tip top condition if we ever gonna have a photoshoot or for our chinese wedding tea ceremony ..

How to motivate oneself? Easy..
Plan for yourself a short term goal that's achievable.. for myself it's 4kg in 2 months.
Focus on your new running shoes that you buy for exercising.. if you buy it, you gotta be wearing it, right?

Imagine your exercise clothes that's getting looser, and you look radiant when you look yourself in the mirror inside the gym..

Attempt to try on exercise gear that you couldnt wear previously in the store, trying is free wat! Furthermore you might be surprised that you can fit in, maybe not loose but at least you dun look like ba-chang.. I'm hoping I can fit into Nike Women's XL size soon.. Thank god, Reebok got UK16 exercise gear that's cheap and stylish. Go exercise also must go in style what.. If you feel good, you will look good too.

All those working pants and clothes that you previously felt that's a little tight, no longer feel tight at certain areas now.. A pair of pants I bought previously (in April) felt body-hugging when I first bought it (but still fit me then - except I gotta wear a corset to keep those flabby tummy love handles cos they are also visible when I'm standing), now it's loose, not only at the waist area, but also at the thighs. No longer have the extra love handles even when I'm standing (sit down still have lar)

Your skin also becomes clearer and glows! Yup, last year when I was exercising (and going for classes), my skin was clearer also.. hey imagine, I wore makeup to exercise hor (after work mah) and less breakouts some more.. Then when I stopped, my acne friends came back and the scars wont go away lor!!!

Talking about skin...
Like I mentioned, it's clearer.. and the scars are FADING!! yes... they have FADED!!

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