Saturday, July 19, 2008


Brother unfortunately got into a car accident on Tuesday while on his way to work.

His car got kissed at the back by a garbage truck.

Luckily, he didnt suffer any injury except for his neck. Whiplash.. they called it.
His car gotta go to the car-siptal (ha ha ha.. car hospital lar.. aka workshop) for a change to his bumper.

Anyway, he scared my mum half to death when he called. Took urgent leave to accompany him to see a doctor and xray.

Hubby also took leave.

So now, Brother gets to drive a Nissan Sunny until his Picanto comes back.. from 1.1litre to 1.6litres, from butt-less to.. butt-ful? HA HA HA..

Oh.. our workshop had helped us to claim around $1100 of insurance from the idiot who parked his van on a double zig-zag (cant remember white/ yellow) line road and opened his door when my hubby drove our antique race car past it (location is at a tiny lane behind UOB Plaza). Side mirror cracked.. Idiot insisted not paying $40 (we asked for $75), and so.. hubby told the workshop to claim the idiot's insurance lor. Idiot also wanted to claim ours, saying that hubby was speeding (he's driving at 40-50km/h which is WITHIN THE SPEED LIMIT)... but hey, he wont win lor.. Why?
Cos he's already in the wrong for PARKING on the road with DOUBLE ZIGZAG LINES (ok.. serious, white/ yellow?) and moreover, IDIOT NEVER CHECKED BEFORE OPENING DOOR!
In 2 months' time we will be getting a new paint work for the car.. WooHoo~!

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