Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In memory of my precious pet, Fei Mao

Fei Mao died at 12.08am early this morning 2nd July 2008. He died of a sudden heart failure..

14 years he has been with us, brought home by my brother when the mother cat was chased away by the stall owners... In human age, he's almost 80 years old, according to the vet.

He still looked so healthy, energetic.. never one time any one will think he's already so old..

He will nib your ankle if you walked past him near the kitchen entrance, just to get your attention to feed him his fave crabstick.

Twirl around your legs just to ask you to open the door for him to stroll and lay down at the corridor or to put fresh cat biscuits into his bowl..

He's a Cat Washer... licking and grooming Brownie's fur every time she walked past..
Even chewed off her whiskers too..

Every night without fail, he will sleep beside my brother..

Now... my brother sleeps alone..

Brownie no longer has a playmate.. a cat washer... a guardian to guard her from the evil horny tomcat that comes up to my house almost every night..

I missed him dearly... guess my brother is feeling the impact even more.. Brownie is following us everywhere, meowing every now and then, looking at every corner.. telling us how much she misses Fei Mao..

14 years of endless tender loving care... the joy... and the fun...

To you, my Pui Pui.. my baby..

Papa, Mama, Kor kor and your Jie Jie here will always remember you forever..

Rest in peace...

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