Saturday, January 27, 2007

Preparing for shifting..

I'm demoted...

From 6th floor, demoted until 1st floor..

Aiyah.. I'm shifting down to my level 1 service centre office lar.. Consolidation as they called it.
Now in the midst of packing up my barang barang.. and I realised.. I actually had 3 boxes full of stuffs.. files, stationeries, personal stuffs.. Jeez..

Supposed to be moving today, but it was postponed due to some cock-up of the 'computer-to-holder' assets issue.. (-.-)

The best part of all..

I'm not in office for 3 whole days next week.

Monday - Eldercare Leave, Tues - On course, Weds - Admitting to Changi Prison.. for training purposes.. Ha ha ha..

So.. if the shifting starting any time during that 3 days.. at least I have 90% of my stuffs packed and ready to go, courtesy of my colleagues who will shift for moi~ :P

Good thing about workinga t level 1, no need to arm and disarm the security system.. thus, can come as early as possible or work as late as possible..
Which... I intend not to do so. New year resolution: To reduce the number of days that I work OT in office..

Anyway, last Wednesday, I went to attend Fuchun CC's Toastmasters Club which my colleague has arranged for us. I've always wanted to see how Toastmasters Club is like.. and.. my wish came true.

It's interesting.. and all of us get to present a table-topic (any topic given by one of the members) and start talking for 1 min (min.). Secretly.. one of them was counting the number of la,leh, erm, hmm.. okay.. alright etc.. As you might guess it, mine was.. quite a big number. Ha ha ha. Not exactly a public speaker yet.. :P

I'm still wondering if I should join.. my busy work.. work-life imbalance.. hiaks hiaks.. then again, bf also work ot (at least not as late as me for the time being)..


Well.. tmr's Saturday and I intend NOT to go office.. I'm gonna relax and slack.. and enjoy my weekend..

Earlier on, bf asked me what Valentines' Day present I want; either a shopping spree (with a budget given) or he will just buy something for me.

Shopping Spree of $100 vs Mystery Present with an element of Surprise..

That spree is tempting.. imagine, I can buy M.A.C makeup, bags, shoes, clothes (hopefully I can squeeze as many thing as possible).. But considering his thin, skinny wallet.. hmm.. that was not a very good thought.

Mystery present.. I like mysteries.. I like surprises..
Although I can somehow read his mind (or see through the present - perhaps we have very good telepathy), it's still a nice gesture.. Just like the executive planner that he bought for me. Din expect him to get it for me but he saw it and bought it (even though it's rather ex), knowing that I've been searching high and low for it. So now.. I bring it with me everyday.

Perhaps mystery present is a good choice.. Who knows mystery present can get a '1-carrot' diamond.. why not?! LOL

Talk about 1-carrot diamond.. While walking past some jewellary shop some time back, I told bf that some of the diamond rings, necklaces blah blah are nice (having wishful thinking that he will buy for me).. He replied saying, "NO PROBLEM!". I was like, 'Sure or not?'.

He then said...

"just give them 1 CARROT lor.. then u can get your 1-CARROT ring.. "


No comments..

The things he said to me at times.. makes me wonder... how many crows are flying above my head already..

Hmm.. before I forget..

To the special 2 friends of mine,

To the Anonymous who left the comments in my previous entry, my bf, Moon, wanna know who you are cos' he's very curious as well and another thing is, he hopes to get in touch with his old friends (from back then i.e: Levi's), maybe can also meet up for kopi or something.

Doesn't matter if you are a guy, gal, ex-gf or who-ever, he hopes to keep in touch. Don't worry, I won't go with a parang behind me, if say, you are the ex-gf. Ha ha ha..

Becos' .... if you are not the ex, then I won't be the current, having the best bf in the whole world. :D

Dear, if you are seeing this, I LOVE YOU~! ;)


Ad said...

Thanks hor... you very free right now sit level one... everything you also know eh... LOL...

Anonymous said...

happy v day!