Saturday, January 20, 2007

23 items for $1563

I'm not giving 4D number lar..

That's the cost of fixing our Lil' Red Flying Bullet aka Toyota Ferrari.. ok.. that's to console ourselves. Duh~ (-.-|||)

Our starlet.. recently was on hospitalisation leave last weekend (why am I only writing now? cos'... I no mood to blog after 12 hours at work)

EVERYTHING in the ENGINE compartment.. except the radiator (already changed) and engine (re-conditioned a year back) is NEW!!!!

YES! NEW!!!!!!!!

She has finally got new transplants!!

She's now like a new car.. felt like a new car (car no longer rumbles).. drove like a new car (so silent so.. steady..)... only thing is.. the exterior.. still got little dents.. CURSED THOSE INCONSIDERATE DRIVERS!!!

Our mechanic.. is such a nice guy.. Good recommendation by bf's friend (who's now in Aussie studying). Mechanic's workshop deals with Toyota Starlets (most of the toyota starlet club peeps went to him) so.. anything wrong (or needed an upgrade) he can just tell..

So.. we gave him our budget and he did the rest..
In just 2 days.. ok.. 1.5 day cos we went around 3pm on Saturday and got the car back on Monday around 7pm.

So.. what did we do without our car?

We went to *temporary memory loss*
Oh yes.. BUGIS!!! *pai seh.. I still suffering from short-term memory loss*

BY MRT hor!!!

Nothing new for me since I took MRT to work everyday..
BF.. hasn't been in MRT for the past 3.5 years ever since we got car!! WAHAHAHAHAHA..

to make him even more pai seh.. i shall reveal some goondu things he did..
*he's gonna whacked me upside down.. and skinned me alive if he even knows this*

He actually.. attempted to slot the Ez-Link card* in the front of the ticket machine!!!
You know.. like the old times, when we using the filmsy card..
*He has an ez-link card cos' previously he drove and park his car at West Coast MacDonalds before taking a bus to his office at Pasir Panjang to save parking $$

Actually I din know one lor.. he told me after we came out..
He said.. too used to it..

Ok lar.. dun laff at him liao.. I evil gf.. bad piggy.. :X

So anyway.. we shopped around.. ate at Fish & Co..

Oh yAh.. this.. I must WARN everyone!

Being the typical moon who dun eat seafood (unless it's fried, de-shelled, tiny winy small), he ordered his New York Fish & Chips which looks like something new on the menu. It was described as "Packed with xxxxx cheese inside blah blah blah.." something like that..
So.. literally we thought.. the fish & chips must have got cheese inside lor?! Sounds yummy..

Then.. looking down the menu, he said this Swordfish collar sounds new and interesting..

Swordfish leh!! with what mango vingeratte.. sounds.. so.. delicious..
And since I'm the seafood-fish eater.. he ordered that for me.

I was thinking.. why not lor?

I kept having this thinking that it's like the salmon steak that kind..
And then we ordered this.. dunno simi icy drink.. Got pineapple and Rambutan.. Picture of it shows a Mug that looks.. er.. small.. to save $$$.. we ordered 1 to share..

We waited..

Drink came..

We were like... WOW~

Giant MUG.. really GIANT lor.. you know those beer mugs (the ones in coffeeshops?).. it's like 4x as BIG!!!
Looks like those bubble tea ice blended types.. drink until your face turn blue..
We were happy.. and quietly said to ourselves, "heng we ordered 1 nia.."

We continued waiting...

Why so long? I hungree..

Bf's new york fish & chips came..
Er.. looks like normal fish & chips.. so.. he ate before me.. I stared at the fish..
Where's the cheese?? How come never ooze out one?
I aked him.. cheeze leh? Bf replied.. "you see the creamy stuff on the fish?.. that's the cheese!"

I frowned.. Bluff customers leh.. it's miserably little.. my imagination ran of it as semen with parsley flakes.. ok.. sorry for being gross. :P


I have a bad bad feeling about my swordfish..

Then my food came.. Bf stared with his 2 small eyes wide open..
I looked behind..

My jaws became wide open..


2 BIG BIG pieces of dark brown bones at each side of the pan (and they used the pan for the seafood platter for 2 kind) with lotsa rice in the centre..

For a moment, we were wondering if they are fried chicken..

I have absolutely no idea where to start..

Ok.. fine.. I'll cut..

Here.. bone.. ok.. there.. some meat.. scrap out.. then bone again.. some meat.. then some big pieces of meat.. after struggling for another 10 mins.. I have a pan of fish meat and rice with the bones on the saucer.

Took a bit of the fish..

Bf bravely attempted a try of it.. face expressions changes gradually.,


In my humble 'super self-proclaimed chef's' opinion.. the fish is not marinated (not even a taste of it), not well-treated for.. since it's a saltwater fish which tends to have more fishy taste than the freshwater relatives.. fried for too long thus the dry and chewy texture and the ugly dark brown colour..

No wonder only costs $14.90.


We feedbacked to the waitress.. hopefully she will feedback to the management..
Foot the bill and left..
Other than the giant ice-blended and the chewy mints.. it's a disappointment overall.

Went back to bf's home by MRT and feeder bus.. took our shower.. and went back into serious business..


Lord of the Rings-Third Age.. we played the hard version.. and we played that till Sunday..
Yes.. at home all day (other than eating KFC for brunch).. we stayed at home playing XBOX..

Monday came.. we went to get our car..

Opened the bonnet, told us what they changed.. and show us the old and worn parts which he put in a big tray.. all 23 items of it..

$1563.. ALL brand new..

Bf gleaming with delight..
Drove like a boy with new toy.. I was at first gloomy.. cos.. it's like $1500++ lor.. can buy 2 XBOX 360 lor.. SAD leh..

BUT.. less than 2 mins in the car.. I asked.. "YOU START ENGINE AND DRIVE LIAO AR?"
YES.. he's already out of Sin Ming road.. I din even feel anything lor..
Ok.. money well-spent.. and mechanic even helped to 'un-dent' the giant dent at the front right tyre area there. No costs at all.. (ya.. if he dare to charge me despite being a regular, i strangle him with the timing belt)

So.. now.. everyday.. bf is a happy man..

I also a happy pig.. cos everytime he wears his new long sleeve shirt and pants (we bought from G2000 and timberland), he looks so smart and handsome.. finally.. I can to see him wearing office wear instead of his usual casual tees and jeans.. *grins*

Waiting for 1pm..

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