Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cough..Cough.. Cough..

Yes.. I'm coughing like crazy..
After singing karaoke continuously for 4 hours (straining my voice to reach that high high note- which i almost killed Annie for thinking that I can sing as good as her), continously sleeping late at 3-4am during the weekends and holidays, soaking myself in BBQ smoke on 31st Dec... I finally fell sick.

But it's all worth it..

I had fun through the weekends.. spent 3 days at bf's house, doing nothing but playing xbox, pigging through doughnuts, pastas, ice-creams, bubble-teas etc (the kgs I've lost is now officially gained back in just 3 days). Totally relaxed.. and ready to chiong my 2007..

Today.. other than the cough.. I'm starting my 2007 at work as a Team Leader. A sense of achievement i guess.. I looked back the years from school till now..

In primary school, I'm a nerd.. been to EM1.. quiet.. and afraid of taking initiatives..

In secondary school.. lower secondary.. still a nerd, sucked in Maths.. fond of drawing.. drew cartoon characters of my class-mates.. made a name for myself for doing so.. happier.. and slightly more outgoing..made a Patrol leader in less than 1 year in Girl Guides.. the start of leadership journey..

Upper secondary.. 'banished' to last class in express for having lousy maths (despite good results in languages and sciences), made plenty of good friends.. became super outgoing (and horribly tomboyish).. usually top 5 in class.. still a patrol leader.. lost out in a few votes to become Company Leader for Girl Guides (cried my heart out but continued to support my CL).. designed class tees and gifts for relief teachers with my cartoons.. Excel in studies.. supposedly the 'pet' of my Home Econs/ Food & Nutrition teacher.. got good grades for O's.

3 months in JC... skipped classes for Econs (ever since the stupid teacher gave me 1 out of 20 for my 1st Econs test), enjoyed History (almost the same things taught in sec 3 and 4), told by GP teacher and chinese teacher that students from Commonwealth Sec impressed them becos' of our good languages (me and another classmate went to YJC).. bitched about the RV girls, CHIJ girls.. and the RGS girls but realised that they are actually very nice and outgoing.. Didn't continue JC despite having 14 pts.. cos.. I dun like that kinda life.. and also becos' of bloody comment made by that idiot teacher who said the subjects tat I've taken were just GENERAL education, not FIT for PURE SCIENCE!! KNNBCCB..

Went to poly with 11pts.. my relatives started 'looking down' on me.. saying I'm silly.. and should have gone to JC.. Turned my eyes on them.. and went on with my life.. c'mon lor.. i was the 1st in the family to have 247 agg. for PSLE afterwhich my cousins then slowly one by one got higher agg. than me hor.. stupid relatives.. :

3 years in SP.. nerd in class.. had my 1st bf thru IRC (ya.. I know.. farnie hor?).. had CCA as a SPAC2GO.. became the Head for Social & Welfare Committee.. appointed Leader for Final Year Project team.. eventually got a A for our self-made, self-composed, self-sang MTV project.. enjoyed my poly life totally, except the breaking up with my 1st bf during the last semester of my 3 yrs in poly..

Worked as an inhouse Graphics Designer for 2.5 yrs with a mobile service provider.. given opportunity to manage my own projects.. Met my current love thru ICQ..

Worked in a Recruitment agency as a Recruitment Consultant.. became a Team Leader within 6 months.. resigned upon my 1 year with the company to work with CDC..

2005 August.. my life changed.. and i changed many people's lives as well..
2006 May.. became an Employer Servicing Consultant.. new portfolio.. new challenges..
2006 September.. absorbed into WDA.. faced more stress.. facing challenges to work harder and better..
2006 December.. informed by ACM that I'll be a Team Leader in the new year.. hard work recognised.. sensed of achievement..

2007 January.. I'm a Team Leader.. wah piang.. so much responsibilities.. challenges.. and more challenges.. Will I be able to make the mark? Or will I disappoint those who have so much faith in me? Will everyone support me?

I hope my previous learning experiences can help me again..



tiramisuboy said...

Congrats on your new promotion!

Shannon said...

But it's stressful lor.. hopefully I can do well with this portfolio.. *sigh*

Tiff said...

Hey, I didn't know you cried so much cos u didnt get to be company leader for our ECA! I still miss NDP 95. Sob

Anonymous said...

ur bf is lucky to have u! i chanced upon ur blog n i think i might noe ur bf from a long time ago.

Shannon said...

Anonymous knew my bf? Wow~
What's ur name? Maybe he might have an idea :)

Anonymous said...

he worked in levi's? if yes, then confirmed i noe him but i'd rather remain anonymous :)

Shannon said...

Anonymous, yes, he used to work in Levei from part-time to full-time. I knew some of his ex-colleagues when he went to levi's to buy his jeans (he only likes LEVI's.. )
If you girl.. aiyah..never mind one.. He told me about his past relationships before.. so.. dun worry lor.. Wahahaha.. I open-minded one..

To Tiff, yesh.. I cried.. maybe becos' I tot I will get lor. High expectations, then fall down bad. But it's a memory not to forget.

I MISS NDP95 TOO.. the gossips.. the 'handsome' scout masters.. LOL~
I miss those days..

Anonymous said...