Monday, January 08, 2007


Ok.. I was 自恋 enough to take pix..
But.. not clear enough to see my new hairdo.. Anyway, pix was taken before I went to bf's company D&D at Chevrons last Saturday.

Big company sure beri generous to its employees..

From 31st to 169th prizes, are vouchers worth at least $50.. From 30th prize to 1st prize.. prizes SI BEI good lor!!!
Ranging from few hundred dollars (up to 1 thousand) worth of cash vouchers, shopping vouchers, holiday trip for 2, PLASMA TVs, PSPs, XBOX 360 (unfortunately bf never win that :"[ ... ), to the top prize..
Guess wat?

It wasn't won by the management.. but a TECHNICIAN!!!!! In fact 60% of the prizes are won by the workers.. Imagine how HAPPY that guy is!!

The middle management up till the top management, even the GM and DIRECTOR went to drink with the technicians. It's not just 1 glass.. but a few rounds of GLASSES.. till the extent that the company went to ask the restaurant to bring in the beer barrel directly! Everyone drank like crazy.. GM (a LADY hor) drank up all the beer in the MUG.. not a drop..

It was really FUN!

1st time went to D&D.. I'm hoping my company will be something like that.. Food, Drinks, Fun..


All of a sudden, have the urge to sing karaoke.. unfortunately.. I've been coughing very badly lately.. so.. rather not risk breaking windows and glass doors going to karaoke with friends (which i hope to go out with more often, other than my current karaoke-colleagues). My bro just told me that he and his gf sometimes will go karaoke, when they really got nothing else to do.. bf dun sing karaoke, so.. maybe can just tag along with my bro and be a giant round light bulb.. WAHAHAHA~

Went into you-tube and sang to the music videos in KTV versions.. Heh Heh..
I have quite a lot of songs now which I've 'favourited' them.. practising for my karaoke sessions everytime.. if not always sing all the same old songs, also beri sianz..

I've more or less know how to sing 珊瑚海 and 发如雪.. practise a bit on 徐若瑄&曹格- I Still Believe.. as well as 千里之外.

Come to think of it.. I was going thru 曹格's other songs, found that he's really talented and his voice is really nice..

Ok.. time to hit the bed..

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