Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm a MRS... but I still want to be called MS.. :P

I'm officially known as... Mrs Chue.. 朱太太...
Anyway.. sorry for the lack in updates.

Lazy to blog nowadays.. am only blogging now, since I'm suffering from throat infection, with yellowish spots crawling around the back of my throat. No cough, not much running nose now.. But.. aching back, shoulders, neck.. and joints. Drowsy.. yet not feeling sleepy..

Oh.. did i mention that the doctor has informed me that I've got IBR?

Insect Bite Reaction!!
Meaning to say.... I'll get allergy reaction to any insect bites, even mosquitoe's!!! No wonder, for no reason I always get rashes/ itch on my arms and legs after I got like a mosquito bite from nowhere.. which resulted in ugly scar marks after the itch. I got sensitive skin...
So.. a cream was given to me to heal those scars.. cos.. THERE'S NO MEDICINE FOR IBR!!!#%^&()%^&*

Pretty upset today.. also becos' my trusty Olympus.. bullied me. The SD Card suddenly couldn't let me view the files which I've taken during my ROM.. and I had to no choice but to format it. :(
The only consoling part is that we've got another friend who has helped us in phototaking using my father-in-law's Nikon D70 and I've got the CD already.
Seriously... I didn't really look fabulous that day.. sadly.. I didn't manage to slim down as much as I hope I will be, despite the Amore exercises. My arms are big and flabby.. Like duh~ (it has always been like that), I just realise that I've got like.. DOUBLE chin in almost every pic!!!!
Seriously.. I've never really have any pics with me having DOUBLE CHIN!!! My butt is like.. for no reason.. BIG.. I guess it's the dress (ok.. just telling myself that I'm that big by default)... My makeup..
Ok.. I've got double eyelids.. cool.. I like that.. nice eye lashes.. thanks to the falsies done by my MA..
BUT... I LOOK SO WHITE!!! The makeup is so THICK!!! She's din use the foundation which I brought, but instead use her own.. and she used mine on my shoulder areas.. (-.-) Eventually.. my foundation was of cos.. GONE!
I reckon it's oil free.. cos straight after my ROM day.. my acne problem came back with a BANG.. my teenage days came back to haunt me with all the big angry bumps.. ready to erupt anytime!

Since I perspire easily.. the makeup.. started to melt just after we finished signing.. and about to take some pics for memory's sake. By using tissues to blot.. I can see foundation on my tissue paper.. thank god, it didn't leave my face looking patchy.

Certain photos I took was myself looking ghastly white.. while some (due to lightings) was perfectly taken. My skin looks almost flawless in a couple of them. Mind you.. I have a couple of big bumps on that day..

Here's some of the random pics...

From left: Siti (my best buddy), myself (of cos), my hubby (who's waiting for an ice cold drink), Siti's bro and his lovely wife

The ring 'bear'er and us..other people got ring pillow, we got RING BEARS! Ha ha ha.. idea leh!

Pics are not really sharp cos' I reduce the quality so that you guys don't have to take donkey years to load the page.

Hubby's looking sad.. cos.. I stole all the limelight.. LOL
and all he wanted.. was an ice cold coke light.. and out of the long-sleeves, and out of the tie especially.
I love the rose bouquet!!!

I love my hairdo.. all thanks to Li Hua my hair stylist.. who has 'genius'ly gave me new hair colour and highlights and some trimming so that the MA will have a easier time to 'style' my hair for this day.
Everyone gave the HAIR a big thumbs up!

I cleverly cropped the pic to crop away all the unnecessary fats. :P

Seriously.. anyone who wanna get married.. go for crash diet, slimming programme or whatever... I thought I look nice at the bridal shop.. but when we took the pics after my ROM.. Jeez.. we look HORRIBLY FAT!!!

Some candid shots after we got the paper..
Maybe.. hubby is starting to regret his decision to sign on the dotted line.. WAHAHAHAHAHA..

He just married a crazy pig..

He already knew that before.. so.. too bad! Goods sold are non-refundable! *evil*

Hubby: How long is the warranty period?
Wife: Heh heh.. It expired 3 mins ago..
Hubby: Can use roses to exchange for my bachelorhood?
Wife: Unless your roses are made from diamonds..
Hubby: ....
Wife: You are officially mine.. When you bringing me to buy makeup ar? The MA used up my foundation liao..



Why I still put up this pic?

Oh.. to tell everyone that.. even pigs can suffer from double chin.. LOL~

Last.. but not least..... To help my buddy find her partner..

Any decent guys who want to make new friends, looking for someone to share their interests, dreams, fun, sadness, laughter etc... My buddy is the best choice!

Accessories and other dolls (that's me) are not included..

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