Monday, June 23, 2008


I've been having this case of neck and shoulder aches... and sometimes, the muscles got so tensed... that I eventually get headaches.

BAD BAD headaches...

Been to a chinese physician before and well... he just said that we OFFICE people stared and sat at our workstations for very long every single day... and... with our bad sitting posture, of course our neck and shoulders will ache.

Blame it on my office chair that can sink automatically without me adjusting it. Most of the times, you will probably see me adjusting the chair to its full height. 3 years liao.. plus the person before me... probably 4 years? This chair has endured its toughest challenges (ya.. I'm talking about my weight lar.. ) ..

Whichever it is.... it's probably not gonna be cured.. I can only pray for a daily neck and shoulder massage.. maybe that will ease the muscles a little.. or.. stock up on 'Yoko-Yoko'..

Anyway, it's been 2 months since I last update. Well... minus away the time which I had to spend overtime in my office for the annual DM... rushing reports... doing this and that... I'm just too lazy to update anything in here..

Probably my life is getting a bit too boring eh?

So.. my house.. ya... we got a contractor... we finalised the details... and....... we have to go and apply for renovation loans. If only the house comes with the floor tiles etc.. I could have save at least 10k. But too bad lor... the house.. is... BARE... except for the toilets..

Due to some unforeseen circumstances... we have to omit out building a platform at the balcony. That's supposed to be my cosy/ relaxation corner.. Bought a few furniture at Beach Road The Furniture Mall that suits our theme, which by the way is supposed to be minimalism. Hubby seemed to have a fetish for high gloss finishes... -.-

Whichever it is... the house thingy is wiping out our entire savings... there goes my bonuses from the last couple of years.. No choice eh... some furniture have to be pay in cash lor..

Lucky thing is... my mum and dad is buying for me the washing machine.. and mum has already helped me buy tupperware/ pans/ pots etc.. whereas hubby's mum told him that she's probably will sponsor us the fridge. We probably have to top it up a little cos the model that we wanted was above 2k.

I'm sourcing around for good deals on stoves.. with the oil-and-fume sucker thingy (geez... what's that thing called?!!) and an oven which I can throw into my kitchen cabinet. Seen 1 package at Tradehub 21 for around 1.5k. Pondering whether to get it..

If anyone intending to buy a house, and planning for renovations... let me tell you.. here are some things which I learnt..
1) Decide on what style that you want your house to take on.. do your research first..
2) NEVER buy your furniture before you decide on the style.. cos whatever you buy may not suit the style..
3) NEVER buy a set of furniture just becos.... you like the COFFEE TABLE only.. hubby told me that his colleague bought a set of dining table and coffee table, just becos the wife likes the coffee table... DUH~
4) Calculate your expenses and budget based on the TOTAL actual price... NOT the deposit. The same colleague claimed that his renovation/ furniture expenses are cheaper than ours... when he only calculated the deposits he paid for the furniture not the full price. 90% of our furniture is custom-made and together in the quotation that my contractor has given us.
5) If your contractor/ designer never offers to buy for you drinks at your first meeting, doesn't mean they are bad... in fact, you are supposed to buy them drinks instead so that your contractor/ designer will put in 100% effort in renovating your house. Those designers at IMM are just for show... they can only give you designs.. but when it comes to the actual work, they knows nuts.
6) If you like a certain designer furniture, you can always ask your contractor if they are able to do it cos' if they can, it's gonna save you... a LOT of money..
7) Chewy Interior Design (firm) is for aunties and uncles... I'm saying this cos... all their designs look the same, and outdated.. their designers are not exactly having interior-design background. Designers are supposed to compliment whatever design/ style that you already have in mind or suggestions to make it better, NOT critersizing your concept and ATTEMPTED to change the whole thing to their liking. 1 incident is enough to haunt me for a lifetime...

and lastly....

I've got a few more thingies.. but I'll probably saved it for the next time.


p/s: The DM turned out to be a huge success! All our efforts are paid off... *phews*

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