Thursday, February 15, 2007

Perfume.. Story of a Murderer (or rather.. a weirdo director)

A few weeks ago..

Bf and I went to watch a movie in Vivocity.. we are mountain tortoises who never get a chance to watch movie at the new cinema.
Anyway.. in the end, after going through the limited choices of bad movies, boring movies... we picked this movie for our midnight movie crave - Perfume.. Story of a Murderer.

We went to Aljunied there to eat my fave. Ho Kee Pau.. before heading back to Vivo.

The place.. was really comfy.. huge leg space.. and.. nice comfortable sleep.. which made me feel like sleeping..

Anyway.. the show started.. started in a weird way..
Scene set in the 17/ 18th century in Old Paris.. we actually tot it's a modern kinda show..

Woman gave birth (with ease) to a baby boy and threw him into a smelly heap of fish gills etc (cos they are in a fish market) becos' I think she think he's a still-born. Suddenly.. the baby started sniffing the air.. and in 1 scene, when another woman tried touching the baby, the baby actually GRABBED the woman's finger and pulled towards his NOSE to SMELL!!
How creepy that is!

Anyway.. the mum was hanged after that (for suspecting to kill her own son) (-.-|||)

So the baby sent to a orphanage and was almost killed by some evil kids.

He then grew up.. smelling every single thing he can get his hands on.. even a rotting dead rat..

Eventually he was sold to a tannery.. and worked there.. which he later on, again caused the death of the tannery owner.

Before that, he was attracted to a perfume shop.. becos' the many new scents..
He saw a young lady.. carrying a basket of plums i think.. and my guess is, he like the smell.. and the girl was probably smelling like one.

He followed her.. and she suspected someone was following her.. when she stopped, that weird guy was already behind her.. smelling her just, millimetres away from her skin, smelling her.. She was shocked to see a guy smelling her like a dog to poo. (lol)
She ran away, and this guy easily caught up with her cos' his sense of smell was even better than a dog!
Anyway.. he managed to get behind her and smell her again.. this time, she couldn't detect him at all.. I guess it's becos' she was tired.. and he, doesn't have any smell on him.

Do you know that everyone has his/her own personal body scent? This guy, probably doesn't have one..

Anyway, when the girl turned around and saw him, he panicked, and accidentally killed her.

BUT.. he literally got so engrossed into smelling her, just torn her clothes off her dead corpse and started smelling her every inch of bare skin. I'm really surprised that the actress can tahan letting a stranger smell her.. Ha ha ha..

So.. story goes on.. narrating that the guy wanted to perserve smell.. so he went to learn from a perfume maker.. the differnt ways to perserve smells.. of GIRLS (secretly lar)

And.. then he set foot into the paris main city to learn from the grand masters.. and.. he learn that special technique and off he goes on a killing spree.. killing almost 12 girls which he liked their scents..
After gathering the last 13th girl.. he combined all the 'perfume' and created the ultimate heavenly one..

Of cos.. all crime-doers dont go scot-free.. he was caught by the 13th girl's father.

The guy wanted to test the potency of his newly-made perfume and dab a bit on himself..

Unfortunately.. the perfume.. was too heavenly till..

everyone at the square waiting to see the pervert perfume guy beheaded.. all go into a sex frenzy.. started stripping.. and er.. you-know-wat..

It was like a mass orgy.. everyone at the cinema giggling away.. me and bf was like.. "weird movie..."

and so.. perfume guy managed to escape unharmed..

But eventually.. for i-dunno-what-reason, he poured the entire contents on himself and the people near him.. for.. er.. too love(?), devoured him.. leaving only his clothes behind.

And.. The end..

STUPID RIGHT??? I know it's a R21 show (i tot it's just some nudity and gory scene of probably being able to see bodies chopped up), but this is..SUPER WEIRD AND STUPID LOR..

Seriously.. unless you got money to spare.. and need to see some unshaved armpits/ shaved pu**ies (contradicting of 17/18th century women to shave their pu**ies instead of their armpits).. perhaps you can watch that.

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SJ said...

Seems alot like Ray leh... he is always smelling me like I'm some free-to-try perfume sticks that counters give out to promote new scents?!! LOL... my hair, my hand, my shoulders... aiyoh... worst than my dog! I think he and Mike hang out too much liao... hehehe...